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So What Are FumbleRumbles?

xochitl, patrick and whitney pomeroy

FumbleRumbles (also known as F-Togethers, FTE-Togethers, FTE get-togethers, etc.) are a way for fellow listmembers to meet each other in person. They are very informal, and sometimes center around events Sarah-related, sometimes not. They can involve just a few people having a coffee at a café, or many, many people attending a Lilith Fair (take, for instance, the huge Vancouver get-togethers).

You people are psychos.

Muhahahahaha :-) No seriously, despite what my parents think, people that one meets off the Internet aren't always wackos. Of all the fumblers I've met, I can name perhaps one or two who I wouldn't get along with. And I consider such a number low, because in any given group of fifty or seventy people, there are bound to be about five people you can't get along with. And I've met nearly that number of Fumblers.

How do I attend/organize a FumbleRumble?

jess and johnIf you'd like to meet other Fumblers, simply watch the list for announcements of upcoming get-togethers and let people know you're coming. Then show up at the appointed time! If you'd like to organize a get-together, it's often useful to have an event, Sarah or non-Sarah related, that can serve as an activity for people to do. Then when you have some idea of what you'd like to do, post to the list to get feedback on who might be interested, etc.

What get-togethers have taken place in the past?

Glad you asked. Here's a list (albeit incomplete) of past FumbleRumbles. If you know of any others that have taken place, and you have an "unofficial" report or pictures, please send them my way.

March 1997Bay Area, CAEsther, Xochitl, Josh and Greg (Gladman) present. [pictures]
March 1997Boston, MABoston fumblers had a get-together right after the big snowstorm. [pictureswent AWOL - sorry]
April 1997New York, NYA couple New York fumblers met at Michael Abrams' apartment at the end of April. [report] [pictures]
April 1997Bay Area, CAThe second Bay Area F-TogEther was held also at the end of April. [report]
June 1997Bay Area, CAThe third Bay Area F-TogEther was held on June 27, with many Fumblers in attendance. [report, pictures - mirrored from]
July 1997Seattle, WAThe Gorge was the site of the first Lilith Fair ever, and of course, fumblers were in attendance. [pictures]
July 1997London, United KingdomThe so-called First Overseas F-TogEther. [pictures, report (mirror of original]
August 1997:Bay Area, CAThe seventh Bay Area F-TogEther. [pictures]
August 1997:Toronto, ON, CanadaThe first Toronto Area F-TogEther was held August 15, 1997 before the first Toronto Lilith Show. [pictures, report] [another report]
August 1997:Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seattle, WAThe first unofficial Fumbler convention, dubbed the "FumbleRumble", was held in Vancouver from August 22 to 25, 1997, encompassing the final Lilith Fair show, on August 24. One thing that makes this get-together noteworthy is that a bunch of fumblers chipped in money to bring our resident list-faerie, Alana Jones, over from Australia. [pictures, report]
October 1997:Toronto, ON, CanadaThe second Toronto Area F-Together took place at the Movenpick on Front Street on October 22, before the Sarah show at the Hummingbird Centre across the street.
November 1997:San Francisco, CAYet another Bay Area get-together, this one before a Sarah concert. [pictures went awol - sorry]
November 1997:Los Angeles, CASome Fumblers got together before a Sarah concert - the pictures are James Powell's. [pictures]
December 1997:Newark, DEThe so-called MidAtlantic FumbleRumble, held at Denise's house in Newark. [pictures went awol - sorry]
January 1998:Toronto, ON, CanadaMini Toronto-F-Together when Brian Wilson visits us.
March 1998:Towson, MDThanks to Matt Harker for providing the date for this. Anyone have info about this?
March 1998:somewhere in IndianaJill :-D's SlumbleRumble. [pictures]
May 1998:Toronto, ON, Canada and
Apsley, ON, Canada
Angela Bird organized a huge Toronto/Apsley FumbleRumble on the weekend of May 29. [pictures, report]
July 1998:Camden, DEFumblers congregated for Lilith in Camden/Columbia.
August 1998:Evanston, ILFumblers met on August 5 at 11 a.m. at Giordano's in Evanston, IL, just before Lilith. If anyone has reports or photos, I'd love to hear from you.
August 1998:Toronto, ON, CanadaWow. What a weekend that was. Click here for all the info on what took place. [pictures of some Fumblers at Rannie's birthday part]
August 1998:Vancouver, BC, CanadaIt was a blast, folks. I was very happy to be able to make it out west again for yet another get-together with them there crazy Fumblers. Read my trip report here; I will be linking or reposting others' words on the same subject later. [pictures]
September 1998:London, UKA few European fumblers got together for dinner before the London Lilith show. [pictures no longer on the net]
May 1999:Detroit, MIAttila Hardy is organizing a FumbleRumble in Detroit on May 9. It will be held at the GAME WORKS at Great Lakes Crossing, which is a huge mall just off the I-75. E-mail him for more information.
June 1999:Vancouver, BC, CanadaNot as many fumblers this year in Vancouver, and I was not in attendance this year, but Andrea Butler sent me a whack of stuff to put up on this site. Click here to read her report. [pictures]
August 1999:Detroit, MIPlans are to meet at noon at the McDonalds on Opdyke and University Roads (exit 79 I-75) right in front of the Hampton Inn at 1461 Opdyke Road in Auburn Hills and then drive out to Pine Knob following each other. Tricia Concepcion has agreed to play at this event. For more information, e-mail Attila Hardy.
August 1999:Toronto, ONThe FumbleRumble to end all FumbleRumbles! Over a hundred Fumblers descended on Toronto over the weekend of August 20-22 to enjoy a special pre-Lilith show, and take in two Lilith Fair shows. Too much to describe in this little space. Read my report for a summary of what happened that weekend!
November 1999:Houston, TXThe Southern FumbleRumble - An Epic Tale Told In 10 Acts by Joseph Parrie. A bunch of fumblers from the States meet up in Houston with Aussie fumbler Beasty aka Andrew Blanda. The report is very amusing.

How about your FumbleRumble?

Know of an upcoming get-together? Organizing one? Have pictures or a writeup of ones past? Let me know.

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