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Toronto F-TogEther Report

August 15, 1997
by Julian Dunn

Posted to FTE on August 16, 1997

Table 1 of the Fumblers at Lime Rickey's The first Toronto FumbleTogether was held on Friday, August 15, at 11 a.m. By the time I got there (10:55), there was a circle of about ten fumblers, hogging up the sidewalk in front of the Tower Records :-) In attendence were:

- Angela Bird
- James Powell
- Kevin Thompson (and his non-fumbler friends: Descera, Justin, and Gabe)
- Mike Augello
- Corey Dufort
- Tammy (Corey's girlfriend)
- Mari Wilson
- Dave Drew
- Yu Ting
- Thomas (the potatohead guy, sorry I don't know your last name)
- Tabassum, her sister Jasmine and Tab's friend (I forgot her name too)
- and myself.

Table 2 of the Fumblers at Lime Rickey'sWe all walked up the street to the designated restaurant, Lime Rickey's, and introduced ourselves, while I wrote everyone's name down for the report (and also for my own good, 'cause I knew I'd forget otherwise). We ordered drinks and pored over the menu, which took a looong time because we were chatting with each other and nobody could decide what to order. A memorable moment is that K.T., uh, did NOT spill his drink and that, uh, nobody noticed K.T. not spilling his drink. Yeah. :) So he got another one and life went on. :)

Yu Ting sauntered in about ten minutes after we got to the restaurant, saying she had probably just missed us down at the Tower. That was ok though because Tabassum didn't arrive until 11:40 (now mind you she had called me just as I was leaving the house, to say she'd be late).

After much effort exerted trying to get the waiter's attention, we did order our meals. Unfortunately Mari had to go back to work for the evil corporate empire she works for :-( (Scotia-McLeod) and had to leave before eating. I saw her later in the day at Lilith so that was ok.

We had lots to talk about -- for a group of people who had never met before and had not communicated except in a public forum, over the internet, the conversation was pretty good. We expressed our collective jealousy at Stephanie, who called TicketBastard at the last minute and got FRONT ROW CENTER TICKETS (hi Steph if you're on here!), talked about what other kinds of music we liked (Angela likes heavy industrial music in addition to Sarah -- an interesting combination) and also CDs and the cheapest place to buy them. :)

Outside the HMV store. After lunch, we left Tab, her sister and her friend (as they were off to the Lilith press conference -- lucky media-types :) ) and headed up to the HMV to shop for CDs, minus Angela who had to go back to work for HER evil corporate giant (Coopers and Lybrand) :), and also minus James (I don't know where he wandered off to..??). We found the prices to be pretty expensive, so we decided to go to a used CD store on Queen Street. We did ogle over the big Sarah display in the window of the HMV, and took a group picture in front of it. As well we also made a pact to come to the HMV in-store performance/autograph session with Sarah this morning.

Corey poses with the giant picture of Bjork. En route we stopped at the Eaton Centre, where those of us who needed to use the bathroom used the bathroom and KT went on a quest to buy glowstiks (so we could find each other at the concert) but was unsuccessful. He was like "WHAT? A toy store not having glowstiks?" :) We bought lighters later on, but never got to use them once we saw the size of the venue. (and anyway, I found KT pretty easily there, he was just three rows behind me) We also swung by city hall, where Corey had parked his car, to see if it was a 24-hour parking lot. (It was.) Actually Corey didn't even know it was the city hall. :)

Then we made our way to a used CD store on Queen Street, where KT picked up a few CDs and I got Joni Mitchell's first album. Since it was almost 3:00 we got on a bus and headed to the venue. En route, Kevin handed out copies of a CD released by his acapella group, "The Accidentals". His disclaimer: "Don't blame me if it sounds bad. I wasn't a member at the time!!" I have yet to listen to it (I'm currently listening to the Indigo Girls, just to remind me of yesterday's show)

When we got to the Ex (the Canadian National Exhibition, right outside the venue) it began to rain, but we were unfazed and proceeded to get lost in the exhibition grounds anyway. :-) (the Ex is like a big carnival; it happens every year around this time) But we finally found our way southwards to Ontario Place and the Molson Amphitheatre, which is where this report stops and my Lilith report begins. :)

Please e-mail me if you're interested in seeing my Lilith report. Oh yeah, and K.T.'s "Accidentals" CD is really good.
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