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toronto lilith fair, august 15-16, 1998

Toronto Lilith Fair this year once again spanned an entire weekend, much of which for me was spent with various sundry fumblers from near (Toronto) and afar (England). Once again I had a great time, as is generally the case with Fumblers :-)

Unfortunately I'm rather rushed for time now, and I said to myself that "putting up the photos from the weekend is my number one priority". So until I get my own FumbleReport up here, I present for you a bunch of pictures, and Greg Teltschik's report, posted to FTE on August 17 and reprinted below.

friday photos: merriment at vinnie's / the discovery of sugar mountain
saturday photos: didn't bring my camera. But Jenn and I got our pictures taken at the Kodak booth. [51 kB]
sunday photos: fumblers at the marche movenpick / lilith photos 1 / lilith photos 2 / lilith photos 3 / lilith photos 4
other peoples' photos:: Andrea C's photos Katrin's pictures

Greg Teltschik's Report

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I'm copying everybody I can find on this thing. I don't even know who all these people are, but since they've been getting the other Lilith posts, I suppose they should get this one, too.

Day One

I guess my story will have to begin where I did, which is arriving at 6:30am on the red-eye from San Diego. I quickly went to my hotel downtown and went to bed. Around 10:30 or so, I phoned Gemma, Edward, Dana, Matt, and AJ (think I broke up a FumbleOrgy) to see what was up. After numerous calls between myself, Rannie, and Mari, we finally got everyone together at Ontario Place. For some reason I've never quite figured out, we ended up at Breaker's Bar and Grill instead of Blueberry Hill, but we had a great time just the same. We had a bit of a picture fest, followed by AJ trying to get the waitress out of her shirt. Too bad he wouldn't spend the $40 she wanted to give it to him. :-)

After hanging around awhile, we headed on into the venue. At this point we all started splitting up. A few of us (can't remember everyone who was with us) went from place to place to say Hi to all our favorite vendors. The only one who was AWOL was Jengurl, but that's because she's no longer with Lilith Fair. It seems her job was over, but she's just rented a car and is now following Lilith from venue to venue and still performing when she can at the Tower booth between acts. If you get a chance, check her out, say hi from me, and ask for the Smelly Cat song. Hmm...maybe Edward should consider catching a lift with Jen for the last few remaining Liliths?

Far as the show goes, I only caught a few of the acts this day - Neko Case, Eden aka, Paula Cole, Natalie, and Sarah. I'll explain some of the glaring omissions in due time.

We caught Neko Case waiting for Eden aka. She wasn't really my cup of tea, but she wasn't bad. Eden aka, though, rocked my world! These three women from Australia and Stephen (Dodds) from London are really great. I was having fun making eye contact with the lead singer (Karen Eden) while Gemma was concentrating on Stephen (my that WAS a rather small guitar he was playing). I even got a little wave right at the beginning *grin*. But the harmonies these three women were putting out just left we breathless. The have an album coming out in the second half of September here in the States, and I strongly suggest you guys give it a whirl. By the way, the aka in the name comes from their names (Anne, Karen, and Atlanta). We all ran over to get their autograph and the promo cassette they were handing out. Fancy a shag baby?

Ok, now for the omissions......I missed Liz Phair and Emmylou because Aj and I decided that it was more important today to get Liz's autograph. So as soon as the line for Eden was gone, AJ and I jumped back up to the table. Sure enough, about an hour later (maybe a bit more), Liz showed up, and AJ pissed everyone off. I guess he was so worried about getting tongue-tied in from of Liz, he didn't notice he was going on and on and on. It took about four of us to get him away from her :-). Liz is really nice though and a great person. Even after I had already gotten my autograph, she took a few seconds to pose for a picture. Wow, baby!

Ignore this! *snap* Ignore this! *snap*

Paula put on her regular show, which for Paula fans means it was really good. Personally, I'm not abig fan of hers, mainly because of the stage performance. I think she sings fine, but she's just a little too jerky when she dances. Reminds me a little of Beavis and Butthead dancing, but in a good way (hehehehehehe). I think her rapid movements put Gemma in a trance, because she was tranfixed by the sight of Paula on the big screen. Good thing I caught her in time, or we'd have lost her.

Once again Natalie did her set off in her own world. She started her set with some random story about how she played some small venue in Toronto with the Cure and everybody threw tomatoes (you say tomato, I say tomaato) at Robert Smith. But they didn't throw tomatoes at her. Then she went on with the set without really explaining why she said all that. Maybe she needed to talk to another cricket to make sense.... :-| Anyway, they brought the swing out, but this time Sarah didn't come out to join her.

Sarah, the grand dame of Lilith, was last, and she put on a great show. And here is where we lost Gemma (Edward and I). She had a "better" seat over in the center of the 200 level. I guess our seats just weren't good enough for her. Paula came out to help Sarah with Elsewhere ala Storytellers, and Emmylou made a surprise appearance to make Angel a duet; we weren't expecting it until you heard a different voice and a spotlight came up. And somehow, Rannie, Matt, and a couple of others ended up in the front row! Way to go guys!.

Afterwards, we headed to Marche, where we

Other memorable things from the first day:

  • AJ scored us some great Guest passes. While they didn't get us backstage, they did get us into the VIP area, which meant for the first time ever, I had a real meal at Lilith - caesar salad and a salmon steak.
  • Leanne was all nervous because in the confusion of coming across the border (or something), they had misplaced the price tags for the merchandise on the wall.
  • The Breast Cancer folks had difficulty getting their merchandise across the border, so the Levis folks were giving the Sarah posters away for a $1 donation. Very cool, Nick and Selena!
  • Got to hear the English version of Possession: "And I will be the one...Baby"
  • Dialogue between Matt and myself (you figure out what we're talking about):
    Matt: "Sorry, I was just playing with your thingie."
    Greg: "That's ok. I was done with it anyway."
  • AJ to Matt: "You can't keep it up. You're not doing it right."
  • "Is that a glowstick? No, it's an aroused T-boy"
  • "Rannie, go straight."

Day Two

Day two was much like day one, but with more Fumblers! We all met at Marche for a real Fumble Rumble. I didn't count the participants, but it was quite a bit, at least 20. Probably closer to 25. Names? You want me to mention names? Hmm....quite a few. Atilla, Julian, Mari, Rannie, Frank, Pam (?), Arie, Gemma (who was wearing her finest shiny silver pants - you know what they are, baby), Dana (who had sign making stuff like normal), Heidi and Heather (the twins), Thomas, Edward, at least six people whose names elude me (it's not your fault, it's all mine), and I'm sure a few I can't even imagine. There were several group shots taken, so there is a record. And check out how tall Gemma is in the back. Could it be that Atilla and I had her hoisted over our heads? Those Brits sure are wild!

Go, baby!

As far as the show, it was just about the same as the day before, but with Chantal K. performing instead of Emmylou. I ended up watching most of her set on the TV (while we were waiting for someone), until she was joined by Liz, Sarah, and Natalie (I think) for a rousing rendition of "Leaving on a Jet Plane." Then we high-tailed it back into the seating area to catch the song.

It's getting late, so I'm just going to summarize. Here's the high-points:

  • Lots of people got Chantal signatures, and a bunch of us got a group shot with her. Very cool.
  • Jengurl played again, and I caught a few of her songs.
  • Ran into Cathy from Nettwerk and got to say hi
  • Gemma got real friendly with Stephen from London (look further up for an explanation). Well, maybe not THAT friendly, but you know what I mean. He definitely won't forget her.
  • Vince at Tower was his usual friendly self. Just an awesome guy. He works at the Toronto Tower, so the Toronto folks should say hi to him.
  • Another wonderful conversation: Greg: "You must have done everyone!"
    Gemma: "I'm a tourist. What do you expect?"
    Julian: "That's why we want the tourism."
  • There were lots and lots of glowsticks. None of them were thrown at the stage.
  • Mari, Julian, and Dana once again managed to score front row seats for Natalie and Sarah. Dana was really, really, cool when she left her seat halfway through Sarah so that Gemma could take it. Awwww....what Fumblers will do for each other.
  • I briefly resurrected the Sour Patch Kid Phenomena from Vancouver '97. I bought a bag and shared it with everyone, including one of the water vendors. And no, I didn't use protection.
  • About seven of us walked all the way from downtown to the venue, which took over an hour. On the way, we ran into a bunch of sheep....er, I mean men wearing sheep heads, waiting to shoot a video. We walked right through their set before we realized. Before they realized, even. It was really surreal.
  • Gemma entertained us all with her various facts about notable sights in Toronto. I'm still wondering where she got all the information.
  • Chatted with Anne, Karen, Atlanta, and Stephen (aka Eden aka) once more. They are really cool. Buy their album when it comes out.
  • We squeezed more people onto the floor that we had seats. Atilla had his memorable moment (or at least he thought so) when Gemma had to sit on his lap. Boy was he happy.
  • But after the event, Atilla discovered that his car wouldn't run :-(. AAA said it would cost $800 to tow it back over the border :-(. Edward and I let him spend the night in our hotel room so he could figure something out in the morning. Anyone have any word?
  • We walked about a mile for a late night dinner (we were supposed to go about two blocks). The guy didn't like me, so he served everyone else first (even though I ordered first), and then he screwed my order. What a wanker!
  • Gemma and I (much to the twin's delight), figured out just how big her Dad's dingy was. Took a lot of trial and error, but we finally got it.
  • A lot of us upgraded seats. They were going for pretty decent prices out front. We were happy with where we ended up ;-)
  • Got to see Liz Phair (woohoo). Loved her set again
  • Missed Paula - we were outside trying to score a backstage pass. No luck, and we got stuck in the Chantal signing craze. It was ok with me :-)
  • "Shag me Baby" pants. 'Nuff said. They certainly did the trick :-).

Well, I'm really tired and I can't think anymore, so I'm going to end it here. Maybe someone else will mention a few more highlights.

As always,

[email protected]

The characters portrayed in this email are real. They are not actors. What you are reading really happened. Well, at least most of it did, and the rest has just been insinuated. You're reading way too much into whole thing. In fact, it didn't really happen. I just made it up. You and your dirty mind; you should be ashamed of yourself. Go on home and tell your mother what you were thinking. I bet she won't think it's so funny. No, not my Mom, your Mom. I don't want my Mom to know. She'd have a cow. Well, not really a cow, it's just a figure...............................(fade)

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