[the sea of waking dreams]

toronto lilith fair, august 15-16, 1998

Photos from Friday, August 14, 1998 (Pre-Rumble)

All of us at Vinnie's: L-R: Rannie, Gemma, Frank, AJ, Mari (and that would be me taking the picture)

Rannie and Gemma at Vinnie's.

A spontaneous group FumbleHug(tm)

AJ goes nuts at Sugar Mountain.

AJ with the damage.

It's a giant dustbuster under wraps! No... it's just Mari hiding from the camera

On the futon (!!!) at Mari's. clockwise from far left: Matt, Gemma (with the "Shag Me, Baby" shiny pants), Jenn, me (sleeping on Jenn's face), AJ, Frank, Rannie.

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