[the sea of waking dreams]

toronto lilith fair, august 15-16, 1998

Photos from Sunday, August 16 (FumbleRumble at Marche Movenpick)

First table of Fumblers: L-R: Greg Ellis (Ange's non-Fumbler fiancé), Rannie, Gemma, Dana, Greg, Mari, Ange.

Pat and AJ chatting.

More fumblers (and some non-fumblers) looking at Rannie's pictures. Standing up are (L-R): Nicole Boudreau (non-fumbler), Christine (?), Andy C., and Attilla Hardy.

Fumblers looking at Rannie's pictures again.

Yet another table of Fumblers. L-R it's Edward, Thomas C. ("the potatohead"), Heidi and Heather (the twins ... I don't know if I got that right).

Nearly all the Fumblers who were at the Marché (non-Fumblers taking pictures). I don't remember all the names, but L-R as far as I can remember are: Paulie, Heather (or Heidi?), Frank, Heidi (or Heather?), AJ, Paul (?), Pat, ?, ?, me, ?, ?, Attilla, Christine (?), Dana, Gemma, Andy C., Greg Teltschik, and Rannie on the table. If I've munged any names or if you can help me fill in some of these blanks, please mail me.

Dana with her Chantal "Waaaaaaaayyyyyne!!!" sign. (Greg is clearly not impressed...)

The flip side of the Chantal sign.

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