[the sea of waking dreams]

toronto lilith fair, august 15-16, 1998

[image: my ticket stub from Sunday]

Photos from Sunday, August 16 (Lilith Fair, Photos Part 1)

Lenni Jabour on the Village Stage. She rocks! And she's from Toronto. (mental note - must get her record)

My friend and fellow Fumbler Lisa Jackson, Titanic freak, cheery as usual. 8-)

The infamous Tabassum meets the infamous Lisa J., while Frank licks a popsicle off to the side. Er, wait... :-)

Australia-based Eden AKA on the Second Stage.

Liz Phair on stage.

Sarah makes a surprise appearance during Liz's set.

Joining Chantal on stage for a rendition of "Leaving On A Jet Plane".

Dee Hazelaar and I popped out during Paula's set to have a chat with Cathy Barrett from Nettwerk.
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