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bloo in toronto

me and blooBloo in Toronto... a pleasant surprise smack dab in the middle of January. Brian decided to come up to Toronto to see the Dar Williams concert on January 16, and to visit us Toronto fumblers :-). I met Brian, Tabassum (Siddiqui), Mari (Wilson) and Angela (Bird) for dinner at East Side Mario's on Friday night... mmm... and then we headed to the Dar show. Dar was awesome, as expected. I love her :-)

Saturday night I was supposed to be laying out a newspaper but I went to Angela's and laid out on the futon instead :-P We played drinking games for a while (Bloo ate chocolate, 'cause he doesn't drink) until we were all nice and trashed and then we made our post to the list. Then we watched some South Park episodes that Brian had burned onto a gold CD, including the bootleg five-minute Christmas movie (where Jesus fights Santa Claus)

me and bloo the morning afterAfter this, we made our way back to Ang's living room while Ang and Greg (her boyfriend) went off to bed; Mari, Brian and I stayed awake for a while. We decided it would be cool to paint my toenails, so they ended up blue (and the big toes had sparkly stuff on them :-)). It made for a shock in the morning, I'll tell you. I eventually fell asleep around 5 a.m. but Brian and Mari told me they stayed up until 8 in the morning, so I estimate Bloo got about three hours sleep...

The next morning we went to the Mars Diner at College and Bathurst, one of those greasy-spoon diners where you go a morning after drinking. Breakfast was something like four bucks; a great deal! Then after lunch it was time to (sadly) say goodbye to Bloo, as he was leaving that evening :-( Hope you're back soon, Brian -- I had an awesome time that weekend. Just like Vancouver all over again...

the fumblers outside the mars diner

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