The Bay Area F-TogEther, An Official Account

Since Joshua C. Burnett has yet to produce the OFFICIAL BAY AREA F-TOGETHER REPORT, the following unofficial account is provided by Esther A. A. Harlow (paragraph breaks courtesy of me) on the laundry list; tongiht's f-to-gether! crazyawesomecool. I arrvied exactly 6 minutes late and promptly found Josh & Jennifer HD outside the strain station, and Kathy yaking on the phone with her boyfriend. after much waiting for chris we went to the restaurant, where we found Chris and XOCHITL (her name in all caps henceforth because i"m her eunuch. :) )

we ate, drank, and made merry; XOCHI and I distracted Jennifer and Kathy nearly to pieces over our discussion of body hair :D Teresa-without-an-H arrived too, and gave me beeeeeyoootiful black and white photographs she took at the last F-whatever.

then we drove to san francisco where we watched letterman at Tracy's house (hope you don't mind Tracy, we were ready to leave in case you came home and didn't want us there! :) ) [see above for my opinions]. Oh, and crossing teh bay bridge XOCHI and I made a new tradition to usurp the money-down-pants one so RUDELY copied by other fumblers: now you must flash people (above the belt) as you drive by them on the freeway. heheheheheheh >:) ([un?]fortunately, there are no pictures of THAT part.)

I think we scared Jennifer and Kathy, but Kathy showed us cute pictures of her and her adorable matching boyfriend, so it's all good. then we left sans JHD & KN (and TJW, who went home the other direciton), and dropped off Josh, and XOCHI and Chris and I randomly decided to go bowling where I promptly lost to XOCHI by 14 points, and Chris by 130-some (even though I tried "Granny-Bowling").

We snuck Chris into the women's bathroom to photo us washing our feet, because we wore those nasty shoes without socks, and our theories about the digustingness of the shoes were proven when the shoe-dude simply sprayed the soles with Lysol after our usage.

wuahaha :) I ate too much chocolate :) and I had Christmas-y coffee at the restaurant, and there was much discussion of Earthquakes the entire night -- I'm wondering if there's some psychic subconscious knowing of a forthcoming earthquake or something that led it to be under so much examination tonight.

I want to go with Jennifer and Kathy and XOCHI on their road trip :( :(

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