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Welcome to the sea of waking dreams, a Sarah McLachlan website built by Julian Dunn. There's a lot of info here; most of the stuff directly below this paragraph is for those already acquainted with Sarah's music, however do not despair! Take a look at this facetious look at how to become crazy about Sarah's music (or skip to the serious intro) Then, you too can clog up your formerly well-functioning hard disk with millions of Sarah JPEGs and RealAudio concerts. :) Enjoy yourself, whether new or longtime fan! (Hint: This page looks best at about 800 x 600 resolution)

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Latest News

As you may have noticed, I've not updated this website for many years. But, I intend to keep all of the material archived here online. My many years as an intense fan of Sarah's music were very enjoyable but I've moved onto other pursuits.

Tour Dates

Please see Pollstar to check the dates for Sarah's 2004 tour schedule..

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This engine will now also deliver lyrics to songs Sarah has covered. Just search for the name of the applicable song.


[image: Head shot]Read the largest collection of articles related to Sarah on the World Wide Web!

Search the Jam Music homepage for Sarah related info.
Search Nettwerk Productions' web site for Sarah related news.
Search SonicNet for Sarah information.

Mailing List

Fumbling-Towards-Ecstasy, the mailing list, was founded shortly after the release of Sarah's third album of the same name. It was created as a basis for discussion of Sarah's music, but has evolved into more of a community for fellow Sarah fans to have intelligent discussion about pretty much anything.

The list's official homepage is at fumblers.org, and I also have an unofficial one here with resources for listmembers, as well as a form for you to subscribe to the list.



[image: Sarah and some of her fans. Photo contributed by Steve (FISH246@aol.com)]I'm trying to keep the number of links here to a minimum, because you can always check the webring if you are looking for a comprehensive list of Sarah pages.



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