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Sarah McLachlan SprintNet Chat

This is a partial transcript, kindly posted by Lois ([email protected]) on the list. She says:

Here's an incomplete version of the chat .. I think Adam said he would post the transcript soon. Anyway, although I don't see that question answered here, I do remember her answer was taht she had fallen off the wagon because she's been eating chicken ("free range only").

Anyway, here are a few more questions and answers.

religion? From Julie Donan
Hi, Sarah, I hope you won't mind a personal question. What religion do you follow?

religion? From Sarah McLachlan
i don't follow any organized religion, but i do believe in the idea of god as a verb--being love and light. and that we are part of everything as everything is part of us.

June 14 concert From Jimmy
hello again! at the june 14 show in detroit are you gonna play any new music?! i can't wait to see ya!

June 14 concert From Sarah McLachlan
if i can finish a song in time, i will

Peter Gabriel From Johan Braennlund
I know you're a fan of Peter Gabriel. Has anyone told you before that the ending of "Home" sounds a little bit like the ending of "San Jacinto"? Was that intentional?

Peter Gabriel From Sarah McLachlan
oops, ya caught me! i didn't mean it to be, but i guess it kinda is similar

Satisfied? From Chris Kosa
Hey Sarah, How are you? I think this is really a nice opportunity you have given people, like me, to be able to communicate with you -- thank you. There is a line on the first track of Fumbling Toward Ecstasy: "Could I live here my whole life and never be satisfied?" I find myself asking that question almost everyday now. Somedays it is a geographic question, other days it is more deep -- a social, or spiritual question. From where I sit it seems like you have a great life -- making a living doing what you love. Is this so or are my glasses rose colored? Are you satisfied with where you are now?

Satisfied? From Sarah McLachlan
i've never been happier in my entire life than i am now.

Illustrations From Matthew Krob
Hi Sarah, First I want to say I love your voice and think your songwriting is incredible. I'm a student at Northeast Missouri State University and am studying art and am working with illustration alot myself. I was just wondering what some of the inspirations were for your drawings and what got you started?
Thanks, Keep up the good work. Matt

Illustrations From Sarah McLachlan
gustav klimt and egan schiele are inspirations, because of their beautiful decorative style--lots of eye candy to look at.

Internet From Helena
Sarah, I just learned how to use the internet, can you believe that, pretty deprived eh? Well anyway, I was just wondering if you do this kind of thing a lot.

Internet From Sarah McLachlan
guess what, i still don't know how to use the 'net. and this is only the 2nd time i've done this.

Nakedness! From Phil Burkhalter
On the back cover of Solace are two naked both the "Path of Thorns" and "Into the Fire" videos you appear naked...What prompted this "naked" phase, and are you still in it?

Nakedness! From Sarah McLachlan
the idea of nudity is simply the closest way to be pure and real and honest. and that's what i'm trying to portray in my music. and it was nothing in the way of a marketing scheme or ploy. and i'll probably always be in that mindset if not visually, then creatively.

>From Megan
what gave u the inspiration to write Mary?

>From Sarah McLachlan
the Earth, the idea that we take the earth for granted as we took our mothers for granted and we have to remember that they are not expendible. we have to give back some of what we get.

Versions of songs From Sean Judge
Hi Sarah. How cool of you to do this! I wanted to ask about your feelings and what your input is regarding remixes and alternate versions that are released in Europe and not in North America and Canada. It's so frustrating to hear about a great remix and find that it's only released in Denmark.

Versions of songs From Sarah McLachlan
guess what? we're releasing a B-sides and rarities compilation in june (canada only) and it'll have the remixes, etc. all compiled on one thing.

The band. From [email protected] (John Bernstein)
Hey Sarah! It's John Bernstein from Atlanta. How've ya been seen I saw you at Red Rocks? I was searching the net for some info, and just stumbled on an ad for this chat. Cool. I know it's kinda early, but any news on the band line-up for your next album? Take care & say hello to everybody for me.

The band. From Sarah McLachlan
figures you'd ask, jon! you cheeky monkey, trying to start rumours on the net! ;-> as far as the line up, we'll see--it's a long way away.

Direction From RastaSean
Your most recent releases contain quite different examples of direction. Full of Grace and I Will Remember You are very soft and restrained, while your cover of Dear God contains a building intensity and anger that makes the song so sublime (and you may have guessed that I prefer this). Will we see more of this on your next album?

Direction From Sarah McLachlan
dear god is not a song that i wrote and it has an intensity that perhaps i don't possess on my own.

Concerts From Chris Checchin
Sarah.... I've seen you perform twice--once at Ontario Place and the other time at the Molson Amplitheatre. What is your favourite venue or type of venue to perform in???

Concerts From Sarah McLachlan
a beautiful old theater with great acoustics and no bad seats!

WWW Stuff From Kevin Thompson
Hi Sarah. I'm a big fan of yours and I was wondering if you ever have seen the various places on the Internet dedicated to you? If you have what do you think?

WWW Stuff From Sarah McLachlan
yes i have seen some. it's strange, but flattering and often the information is incorrect! :->

Duets From J
Have you ever considered doing a duet with Tori Amos?

Duets From Sarah McLachlan
sure, i'd love to, but there's yet to be an opportunity

coming to NY soon? From rich puhl
I saw you in Central Park in 94. I stood in front of the stage for 6hours, just to be sure I had gotten as close as I could. You were wonderful. Are you planning to return to NY anytime soon?

coming to NY soon? From Sarah McLachlan
no, sorry, not till after the next record

just wondering From Art
what's the worst thing about fame? I mean, besides the stalkers and all....

just wondering From Sarah McLachlan
i'd say...stalkers. they suck.

writing From Patrick =B-{
What kind of affect does your happiness have on your writing style, if any? Are you baking alot?

writing From Sarah McLachlan
it's true, i'm baking a lot these days. and by the way, that doesn't mean smoking dope! i get far too paranoid.

Mercy Street From Matt Stanton
Would you ever consider doing a remake of PG's Mercy Street on a future single or album?

Mercy Street From Sarah McLachlan
i doubt it, his version's too perfect

New album From Rebecca Campbell
Hi Sarah! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful spring. Any ideas on how your new album might be similar to or different from your previous work? Any new directions you're interesting in taking??

New album From Sarah McLachlan
everything i'm writing is sounding like old country songs.

Chile From Jose de Marchena
Hey Sarah, we are waiting for you in Chile. Can we wait for you?

Really From Sarah McLachlan
hey jose! i'd love to come to chile. great wine! talk to your friends, get a tour organized. talk to promoters, etc.

Audience sizes From Lois Rodriguez
Your following keeps growing, but when you perform, do you prefer bigger or smaller crowds.

Audience sizes From Sarah McLachlan
it doesn't really matter. i'll perform to 5 or 5,000. actually, but i'm terrified to sing to my 2 parents at home on our piano. funny, huh?!

playing music From John Cantrell
hi sarah. i was wondering what started you playing music?

playing music From Sarah McLachlan
joan baez when i was 4. i got a ukelele so i could be just like her.

Your favourite thing From Julie McCarrier
Hi Sarah! Thank you for autographing/personalizing my Medusa looks spectacular framed and matted. :^) I am wondering what you enjoy most about your career--songwriting, recording, touring, or participating in online chats :), and why. Thank you. Julie

Your favourite thing From Sarah McLachlan
i love being in the studio--i love the process of hearing my songs evolve and change. i also love playing them live because again when you add musicians' interpretations evolve and change, over a year on the road together.

Stage fright From Beth
do you get nervous before a show? What do you do to relax and "get into the groove?"

Stage fright From Sarah McLachlan
no usually. i drink peppermint tea, but not too much or i have to pee. ;->

soundtracks From Lois Rodriguez
I see "Moll Flanders" is using "Full of Grace" in its soundtrack. Which movie was that originally planned for. Also, I read that you declined to let the TV series "Murder" use one of your tunes. What's your criteria for selecting?

Body piercing From Kelly and Heather
What are your thoughts on bodypiercing? (heather and Kelly stick out their pierced tongues at you :P)

Body piercing From Sarah McLachlan
go for it! :->

Poetry From
Do you enjoy writing poetry as well as songs?

>From Sarah McLachlan
i wrote my first prose the other day, curiously enough. 20 years from now From Lois Rodriguez
Where do you see yourself 20 years from now? What kind of goals have you set for yourself?

20 years from now From Sarah McLachlan
i have achieved most of the goals i've set for myself as far as my career goes. now i have to figure out the personal stuff: kids, etc.

All Star game From Abby
Do you have plans to do any shows in Philadelphia when you are here for the all-star game?

All Star-game: From Sarah McLachlan

inspired From Christine Z
Hi, your voice, lyrics and music are very beautiful. I can't wait to hear any new directions you are taking musically on a new album. Where do you get your inspiration? If it isn't too personal a question, is there a significant person in your life that figures into your lyrics? p.s. I saw your show at Universal Ampitheatre in L.A. last year, and it was incredible.

inspired : From Sarah McLachlan
unfortunately, the people closest to me in my life and their relationship to me often become fodder for songs. but always cloaked.

Possession From Will
Your song 'Possession' straddles the line between passion and obsession with this just beautiful ambiguity. Did you intend the song to have a dualistic viewpoint, or did it evolve in the writing process? Either way, wow!

Possession From Sarah McLachlan
it evolved with the song, but came early on with the chorus: i would be the one to hold you down, etc. could be nice--could be nasty.

friendship with tori amos From Dave DiCicco
Hi Sarah! I've read before that you "correspond" with Tori. Is there any truth to that? Have you hung out with her? Any chance of a collaboration?

past From Carlos
I think your music is very interesting and I wonder what your childhood inspirations were.

past From Sarah McLachlan
cat stevens, simon and garfunkel, mary o'hara, kiss, joan baez

interested From Sas Long
I was wondering how you got into singing? I am 13 and love to sing. I'm thinking of doing it for a living when I'm older. How old were you when you started?

interested From Sarah McLachlan
i started singing with the royal conservatory of music when i was about your age. i started professionally at 19.

Performing: From Lori
Sarah--I saw you perform several years ago, and you seemed surprised--almost embarrassed--at the amount of applause and attention you were receiving. Have you grown more comfortable with being in the spotlight? (Or were my initial impressions incorrect?)

Performing: From Sarah McLachlan
i'm always surprised by the overwhelming emotion that comes from the audience. but i have gotten more comfortable being in the spotlight.

Burned Out Car From Chris in B.C.
Will Burned (Burnt?) Out Car be on the next CD, or is that a Junkhouse thing?

Burned Out Car From Sarah McLachlan
it's a junkhouse thing

Sarah McLachlan From Lois
What's it like to be Sarah McLachlan? :-)

best song: From Kurt
What do you think is the best song you wrote?

best song: From Sarah McLachlan
good enough

Speaking French: From Ady
I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I love it when you speak French! It's so cute....How comfortable are you with the language?

Speaking French: From Sarah McLachlan
not very. i can get by in a restaurant, but i'm a bit deaf, so it's hard to understand when people speak fast.

Water From Norman Bungay
You haved used water images a lot in your music (you know the ones). Do you think this is because of your maritime heritage or just some general romantic notion that most people feel?

Water From Sarah McLachlan
i've always been very drawn to the ocean and i'm sure it has to do with the fact that i grew up right beside it. it made me very away of nature's power and my place within it.

Easing the pain From Harold
Sarah: I just wanted to let you know that you got me through some really tough times when I was breaking up with my girlfriend. Your deep lyrics and soothing voice eased my pain in many ways. I always tell my friends that if I could marry anyone, it would have to be you. Finding someone both sweet AND beautiful is a rarity these days. Thanks.

Easing the pain From Sarah McLachlan
glad to be of assistance

Opening Acts From Dorina
I went to the July 19th show last year with the Chieftains and I'd have to say it was the best concert I've ever been to. I also tried, and failed, to get tickets to a March show when you were touring with Paula Cole who also happens to be one of my favs. I was wondering who is your favorite act that you have toured with?

Opening Acts From Sarah McLachlan
paula's my fave--she's an awesome babe. but i've been very lucky that everybody i've toured with has been great. paula just has a special place in my heart.

the popcult soup From chris lanier
Hi. I really like your stuff - it's true and erotic in a way that's natural, unforced, identifiably human. How do you navigate the love songs through that wierd pop cultural lens, through which women usually have to perform as sex objects, receptors of the male gaze, all that wacky claptrap? Do you actively try to militate against those types of expectations, or just ignore 'em, follow your muse trusting it'll come out right, the way you mean it to?

the popcult soup From Sarah McLachlan
i rely on instinct and it's served me well in the past.

summer show From Gina
Hi Sarah and Cathy. Sarah will you be performing any of your new stuff at the summer shows?

Your Band From Dave DiCicco
How did you choose your band? Were they already your friends or were they suggested to you?Will you tour with the Chieftains again?

Your Band From Sarah McLachlan
most auditioned and were just great players and people, because 23 hrs. of the day you have to live with them as people not just as players on the road. so personality is very important. they're all very good friends.

Anthem: From Sacha R.
Have you ever sang the anthem live?

Anthem: From Sarah McLachlan
yep, i have. and will again on july 9 at the allstar game (baseball)

All-Star Game From Jerry G
Congrats on the scheduled appearance at the 1996 baseball All-Star Game. How did that come about? (Hi! to Cathy if she's typing for you again...)

All-Star Game From Sarah McLachlan
they asked...

Detroit Concert From Caryn Hebets
Hello Sarah. I have to say that everyone within a 300 mile radius is excited to be able to see you this summer. We were wondering what you were doing after the concert? We hear you like red wine and hackey sacks! I was also wondering how difficult you found it to follow your dream of singing. Have you had to give up any other dreams along the way?

Detroit Concert From Sarah McLachlan
i've been very lucky that my biggest dream, to be a musician, singer/songwriter has been realized. sure, there are other things that i'd like to do, but i'm doing the thing i want to do most right now, which is an amazing thing.

picking songs: From
how do u pick which songs to put on an album?

picking songs: From Sarah McLachlan
i write them.

fav places to perform: From Kristi
HI! I saw you last summer at Artpark which was your last concert of your tour. And I can't wait until July 19th to see you in T.O. I was just wondering if you have a favourite place or places that you love performing?

fav places to perform: From Sarah McLachlan
anywhere there's music lovers

album contrast From thomas
how would you compare/contrast your 3 albums and your upcoming one? for example, i sort of find "touch" more melodic, "solace" harsher, and "fumbling" kind of in-between.

album contrast From Sarah McLachlan
wait and see...

good bye, gotta go From Sarah McLachlan
thanks everyone. it's been great fun! i have to run to my fitting for poltergeist. hee hee hee! take care, peace and love.

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