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Sarah McLachlan Print Media

Here can be found a fairly large cross-section of articles from both web and print media, about various Sarah-related happenings.


DatePublicationArticle TitleTopic / Comments 
2003-OCT-31MSNBCMcLachlan Basks in AfterglowGeneral article about Afterglow and the last six years leading up to it.View
2003-OCT-09ChartAttackSarah to appear on TV, InternetSarah is making various media appearances soon to promote the new album, Afterglow.View


Sarah didn't make the news too much in 2002, but soon I'll try and dig up some articles that are languishing in my Inbox and put them here.


DatePublicationArticle TitleTopic / Comments
2001-OCT-11JAM! MusicSarah confirms pregnancySarah confirms that her next project will be a baby.View
2001-MAY-08MTV.comBT, William Orbit Remix Sarah McLachlanNews release for Remixed albumView
2001-FEB-01MTV.comSarah McLachlan to Start Recording New LPSarah starts recording a new album, ending a four year sabbatical.View


DatePublicationArticle TitleTopic / Comments
2000-SEP-03Gavin.ComMcBride "Nettwerks" With RadioArticle about Terry McBride's success with Nettwerk.View
2000-AUG-08Vancouver SunMcLachlan wins another court victoryDarryl Neudorf ordered to pay Sarah's legal costs in the lawsuit he lost.View
2000-MAY-02Chart MagazineMcLachlan Gets What She Wants - Song RemovedI Will Remember You removed from gruesome Columbine massacre documentaryView
2000-APR-10CDNow/AllStarSarah McLachlan, Rob Thomas, Lauryn Hill & Others Impress At Supernatural Evening With SantanaSarah at "Supernatural Evening" with SantanaView
2000-MAR-09Jam! MusicHardest-working gal in showbiz?Article about Sarah's so-called "time-off".View
2000-MAR-01McCall's magazineThe Sarah McLachlan ReportMcCall's magazine interviews Sarah -- pretty general article, but a decent one.View
2000-MAR-01Sound on SoundBreak Every Rule: Pierre Marchand on producing Sarah McLachlanA great interview with Pierre Marchand about his studio, and recording Sarah's albums.View
2000-FEB-11unknown sourceBeck, Morissette, Cray, Frusciante Among Gibson Guitar Awards NomineesSarah nominated for Gibson Guitar AwardView


DatePublicationArticle TitleTopic / Comments
1999-AUG-30PRNewswirePaul McCartney's World Exclusive Performance at PETA's Party Of The Century and Humanitarian AwardsSarah performs at PETA benefitView
1999-AUG-27MTV OnlineSarah McLachlan Sounds Off On The Significance Of Lilith Fair Lilith FairView
1999-AUG-25Milwaukee Journal SentinelLilith Fair builds community in diversity a last timefarewell to Lilith FairView
1999-AUG-24ChartAttackPrince Puts in an Appearance at Toronto Lilith FairToronto Lilith Sunday - and Prince's appearanceView
1999-AUG-23Globe and MailCrow soars while others flutterToronto Lilith Fair review. This is probably one of the most poorly written reviews I have ever read -- talk about taking a metaphor too far!View
1999-AUG-21Jam OnlineA Fair of the HeartLilith Fair Toronto reviewView
1999-AUG-20Toronto StarSold-out Lilith Fair bowing out with its pride intactLilith Fair Toronto article, a bit disparaging.View
1999-AUG-16Wall of SoundLilith Fair Film in the WorksDetails about the upcoming Lilith Fair documentary.View
1999-AUG-01New York PostMcLachlan's Group: The First Lady of Lilith Sings Her Tour's PraisesNew York Post interview about Lilith Fair. A very insightful retrospective look at Lilith and its legacy.View
1999-JUL-19San Diego Union-TribuneFarewell tour (for now) was a warm embraceSan Diego Lilith reviewView
1999-JUL-14San Francisco ExaminerPretenders are the real thingSan Francisco Lilith reviewView
1999-JUL-12The OregonianA regal lineup of rockersOregon Lilith reviewView
1999-JUL-12Wall of SoundFinal Lilith Fair Sends Mixed MessagesGorge Lilith reviewView
1999-JUL-09Rolling StoneLilith Fair '99 Gets Canadian Kick OffVancouver Lilith reviewView
1999-JUN-30CBC Radio - Arts ReportSarah McLachlan's lawyer wraps up arguments in court caseNeudorf lawsuitView
1999-JUN-29CBC Radio - Arts ReportSarah McLachlan trial could set precedent in copyright lawNeudorf lawsuitView
1999-JUN-23The Daily VaultN/AMirrorball reviewView
1999-JUN-23SonicNetMcLachlan Live Album Debuts at #3MirrorballView
1999-JUN-20San Francisco ChronicleQ & A With Sarah McLachlanSarah talks about feminism, peoples' perspectives of her, and time off after Lilith.View
1999-JUN-20TIME MagazineFine Reflections: Sarah McHaclna's old songs find new life in MirrorballMirrorball reviewView
1999-JUN-09CDNow NewsSarah McLachlan slated for L.A. Autism BenefitSarah to headline autism foundation benefit showView
1999-JUN-04MTVSarah McLachlan offers custom CD; court dates setcustom CD promotion with purchase of Mirrorball; Neudorf trial closing argumentsView
1999-MAY-26Wall of SoundWall of Sound Review: Lilith Fair Vol. 2 and 3review of Lilith CDsView
1999-MAY-24SonicNetAlbum Review: Lilith Fairreview of Lilith CDsView
1999-MAY-24Wall of SoundLilith Fair Spoof Film In The WorksSpoof film about "Billith Fair" to be made.View
1999-MAY-19CDNOW: allstar NewsGeorge Winston Covers Garth Brooks, Sarah McLachlanNew age pianist covers Angel on his soon-to-be released album.View
1999-MAY-19MTV NewsMariah, Shania, McLachlan and Matchbox 20's Thomas Share Songwriting Award"Adia," "Building a Mystery," and "Sweet Surrender" win BMI songwriting awardView
1999-MAY-18MTV NewsSarah taking time off after LilithSarah announces that she's taking time off after Lilith -- perhaps for a few years?View
1999-MAY-17CDNow NewsCourtney Love Hopes To Mess With Lilith Fair CrowdHole on Lilith this year?View
1999-MAY-16Ottawa SunLilith Fair release falters a bitA review of Lilith Fair, Vol. 2 & 3View
1999-MAY-05Music NewsWireMirrorball reaches no 1 before it hits store shelvesabout the tracks available at Amazon.com.View
1999-APR-09Jam! MusicLilith '99 May Be Its LastThe end of Lilith Fair as we know it?View
1999-FEB-21The Grammy Awards - NewsSARAH MCLACHLAN: Fumbling Toward EqualityAbout Sarah's career, and her impending semi-retirement.View
1999-FEB-20Globe and MailDiva, Diva On The Wall...A rather stupid article about who has the most "diva-ness" out of Sarah, Shania, Celine, and Alanis. Ahh, the Globe and their labels...View
1999-FEB-19Canadian PressMcLachlan song suit adjourned for a monthNeudorf lawsuitView
1999-FEB-19Canadian PressMcLachlan drops into album suitNeudorf lawsuitView
1999-FEB-19Canadian PressManager amazed by Neudorf's demandsNeudorf lawsuitView
1999-FEB-16Canadian PressLawyer: Neudorf hired for troubled albumNeudorf lawsuitView


1998-DEC-15SonicNetManager: Sarah McLachlan will prevail in songwriting suitNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-DEC-02Bumph.Comsarah coasts to Western winSarah's WCMA awardView
1998-DEC-01Jam! MusicMcLachlan ends cross-examination with snipe at NeudorfNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-DEC-XXMinxN/Ainterview with SarahView
1998-NOV-24SonicNetSarah McLachlan Wrapping Testimony In Songwriting SuitNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-24Jam! MusicSarah Mclachlan readies new live albumthe new live album... soonView
1998-NOV-18Vancouver SunMcLachlan 'took all the credit' for songsNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-18Canadian PressMcLachlan like a 'sister' to Neudorf, but he's still suingNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-17Vancouver ProvinceNeudorf: 'I guided songwriting process'Neudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-17Vancouver SunSarah McLachlan honoured for her songsSarah's SOCAN awardView
1998-NOV-17Canadian PressGowan, McLachlan take top songwriting awardsSarah wins SOCAN awardView
1998-NOV-14Canadian PressNeudorf describes McLachlan work as rescue projectNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-13Vancouver SunTestimony sung out at McLachlan trialNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-13National PostCourt given a music lessonNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-13Canadian PressGeezer covers Sarah songNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-12Vancouver ProvinceConcert in courtNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-10Vancouver SunMusic expert tunes up at McLachlan trialNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-10Canadian PressMcLachlan former roommate says the superstar needed songwriting helpNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-09Vancouver SunMcLachlan wins big at West Coast awardsSarah picks up four awards at WCMAView
1998-NOV-09Vancouver ProvinceSarah adds four more to hardware collectionSarah wins at West Coast Music AwardsView
1998-NOV-09Canadian PressWhen is a song not your song?a discussion of copyright grey areas, in reference to the Neudorf suitView
1998-NOV-06Vancouver SunReport on McLachlan branded as biasedNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-06Vancouver ProvinceJudge urged to bar Neudorf's expert witnessNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-05Vancouver SunCourt to hear a McLachlan mini-concertNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-05Vancouver SunHow good are Sarah McLachlan's songs?A reporter who doesn't think too highly of Sarah's songs reflects about them in light of the lawsuit.View
1998-NOV-04ReutersOld bandmates cannot testify in Sarah McLachlan caseNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-04Press ReleaseCanadian Artists "Sing For A Cure" For DiabetesJuvenile Diabetes Foundation benefit album releaseView
1998-NOV-04SonicNetMcLachlan anxious to take stand in songwriting suitNeudorf lawsuitView
1998-NOV-03Jam! MusicMcLachlan trial touches on old materialNeudorf lawsuit: day one recapView
1998-SEP-25The London TimesGirls wanna have funLilith Fair London reviewView
1998-SEP-03Toronto StarMcLachlan leads pack, but director refuses to take credit for videoMuchMusic video awards nominations/Sweet Surrender video controversyView
1998-AUG-16Toronto StarGood vibes fuel Lilith Fair, despite backlash at tourLilith Fair in TorontoView
1998-AUG-13Toronto StarLilith learning some lessonsLilith FairView
1998-AUG-06St. Louis Post-DispatchPerformers, Fans Warm Up At Lilith FairLilith FairView
1998-AUG-XXWOMAN magazineDefending Lilith Fair: woman powerLilith FairView
1998-JUL-29Daytona Beach News-JournalEstrogen Fest descends on Central FloridaLilith FairView
1998-JUL-XXJumpThe Fair-est of Them AllGeneral/Lilith FairView
1998-JUN-21L.A. TimesThey Said She Couldn't Do It...Lilith FairView
1998-JUN-12Entertainment WeeklySurfing LilithLilith FairView
1998-MAY-XXBrooklyn College ExcelsiorSarah's Still On Topreview of "Adia"View
1998-MAR-23The Globe and MailMcLachlan star of Juno AwardsSarah sweeps JunosView
1998-MAR-23Canadian PressSarah Building a Juno DynastySarah at the JunosView
1998-MAR-10Wall of SoundSarah McLachlan Sounds Off on Lilith Fair Being Lily-WhiteSarah responds to criticism about Lilith Fair.View
1998-JAN-07CNN InteractiveIndigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan do cameos on 'Ellen'self-explanatory!View
1998-JAN-XXChart!Sarah McLachlan: Artist of the Yearmostly about Lilith Fair. Sarah is voted as Chart's first-ever 'artist of the year'.View
1998-JAN-XXDetailsThe McLachlan GropeSarah gives a very frank interview -- this article caused a lot of controversy on the mailing listView
1998-JAN-XXChatelaineWoman of the Year: Sarah McLachlanSarah awarded "Woman of the Year"View


1997-DEC-25Rolling StoneSarah McLachlan: "I Think The Success..."general interviewView
1997-DEC-04Reuters/Varietyn/atour review: Nov. 29View
1997-NOV-17TV Guiden/ageneralView
1997-NOV-13Seattle Timesn/ageneralView
1997-NOV-01KeyboardSarah McLachlan: Tale of the Mystery BuilderSarah's songwriting processView
1997-OCT-23Ottawa Sunn/ainterviewView
1997-OCT-21Jam!n/aSurfacing - tour reviewView
1997-OCT-20Toronto StarMcLachlan likes solo spotlightinterview - pre-Toronto tour dateView
1997-SEP-03AudioBitesn/aSurfacing - reviewView
1997-AUG-XXSirenI Talked to Sarah the Other Day...interviewView
1997-AUG-30Ottawa SunI am woman, hear me roarLilith Fair - a look at why the media is so surprised at women playing musicView
1997-AUG-29Lavender MagazineSummers End...U.S. Portion of Lilith Fair Tour Closes in ShakopeeLilith Fair
1997-AUG-27Vancouver ProvinceSongbird Sarah's Story: The Day She Discovered The Woman In The Jewelry Store Was Her Birth Momstory about how Sarah is adoptedView
1997-AUG-27SceneSarah has cause to celebrategeneral w/Lilith FairView
1997-AUG-24Phoenix New Timesn/aSurfacing reviewView
1997-AUG-23Vancouver SunAussie fan fumbles here with friends' helpFTE mailing list people! What can I say -- we brought Alana to LilithView
1997-AUG-18New York TimesSarah McLachlan: between two worldsSurfacing reviewView
1997-AUG-16Jam!Lilith is fairest of them allLilith Fair - TorontoView
1997-AUG-14The Georgia StraightUnder the Surface - Sarah McLachlan emerges from writer's block with a new CD and Lilith Fairgeneral - good articleView
1997-AUG-14Associated Pressn/aarticle about jewelry that Sarah wears, which are castings of pillsView
1997-AUG-12FrankQuestions about obssessed fan won't go away...Uwe Vandrei court caseView
1997-AUG-11Toronto StarLilith Fair tour knocks rock's rollLilith Fair appeals to listeners of softer, melodic musicView
1997-AUG-10Vancouver ProvinceSurfacing Soon: "Incendiary" info about songbird Sarah McLachlanupcoming Judith Fitzgerald bookView
1997-AUG-10InnerviewsSarah McLachlan: A Fair of the HeartLilith FairView
1997-AUG-08HourSarah McLachlan and Lilith Fair: Doing it for themselvesLilith FairView
1997-AUG-07idHumbling Towards Ecstasy: Sarah McLachlan lights up Lilith tourLilith FairView
1997-AUG-07Boston Globen/aSurfacing reviewView
1997-AUG-05SonicNetn/aSurfacing reviewView
1997-AUG-03Jam!Sarah McLachlan is down-to-earthgeneralView
1997-AUG-01The VarsitySarah McLachlan - SurfacingSurfacing reviewView
1997-AUG-01Raleigh News-ObserverIt's No. 1Lilith Fair top selling music festivalView
1997-AUG-01CMJSarah McLachlan: In The Gardengeneral feature article. Very good.View
1997-JUL-28Maclean'sFront and Centre Stage: Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair celebrates women, music and lifeLilith FairView
1997-JUL-27Pittsburgh PostnoneSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-27Washington PostThe Mamas and the MamasLilith Fair - WashingtonView
1997-JUL-27GroovePlanetRising Towards The LightThe Year of Sarah?View
1997-JUL-25Buffalo NewsIn Full FlowerSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-25Cincinnati EnquirerSarah McLachlan - SurfacingSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-24The War Against SilenceLift Me From This PlaceSurfacing review (and diversions)View
1997-JUL-24Wall of SoundSurfacingSurfacing review - negativeView
1997-JUL-24Jam!Moist singer stars in Sarah McLachlan videoMiscellaneousView
1997-JUL-24Addicted To NoiseSarah McLachlan Surfaces on Charts at #2News about Surfacing's debutView
1997-JUL-23Boston GlobeLilith Fair or Estrogen FairLilith FairView
1997-JUL-23San Antonio Express NewsMcLachlan's better than fairSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-23Addicted To NoiseCaught In The UndertowSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-22MTVReviews: Sarah McLachlan/SurfacingSurfacing review - this review is mostly negative, so read it only if you don't have violent tendenciesView
1997-JUL-21TimeGalapalooza!Lilith FairView
1997-JUL-20Houston ChronicleReview: SurfacingSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-19BillboardReviews: Sarah McLachlan/SurfacingSurfacing review (short)View
1997-JUL-17Detroit NewsunknownLilith Fair. Talks about Tracy Bonham too.View
1997-JUL-14Rolling StonePerformanceLilith Fair - Irvine, CAView
1997-JUL-11Salon MagazineThe Lilith Fair: Quiet GrrrlsLilith Fair - Mountain View, CAView
1997-JUL-11Jam!Sarah keeps it simpleSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-11Entertainment WeeklyIxnay On The Hombres - Lilith FairLilith FairView
1997-JUL-11Jam!Sarah McLachlan: SurfacingSurfacing reviewView
1997-JUL-10Reutersno titleLilith Fair - GorgeView
1997-JUL-10San Jose MercuryGrrl Power at ShorelineLilith Fair - ShorelineView
1997-JUL-10Addicted To Noise20,000 Fans Crowd Bay Area Lilith FairLilith Fair - Bay AreaView
1997-JUL-07Jam!Beautiful women, beautiful day - Lilith Fair off to noticeably non-rocky startLilith FairView
1997-JUL-06San Francisco ChronicleMcLachlan the force behind LilithLilith FairView
1997-JUL-05Los Angeles TimesSo Why Didn't They Call It Gal-apalooza?Lilith FairView
1997-JUL-03Jam!McLachlan debut's Lilith Fair set at secret Vancouver showLilith Fair - previewView
1997-JUL-01San Jose Mercury NewsFeaturing the fairer sexLilith FairView
1997-JUL-01Rocket MagazinePictures of Lilith - Sarah McLachlan's summer fairLilith Fair (really good)View
1997-JUL-01InterviewBy: Women For: EveryoneLilith Fair -- simultaneous interview with Sarah and Tracy ChapmanView
1997-JUN-29CNNMcLachlan spearheads breakthrough Lilith Fair tourLilith FairView
1997-JUN-29New York TimesOn Top of Pop, But Not With One VoiceLilith Fair/Women Musicians. Rambles a bit but not bad.View
1997-JUN-28Billboardnot availablenot available yet. check your newsstand
1997-JUN-26Jam!Honest, Sarahgeneral. Sarah talks about getting married and a baby.View
1997-JUN-25Toronto StarMcLachlan resurfacesSurfacing, Lilith FairView
1997-JUN-14Associated Pressn/aLilith FairView
1997-JUN-11Jam!New Sarah McLachlan single out on the WebBuilding A MysteryView
1997-JUN-09New York TimesAll-Women's Tour Picks Sponsors With Great CareLilith Fair sponsorship. Info about marketing, etc. but still interesting.View
1997-JUN-08NewsdayRecipe for a Solid Rock SummerLilith FairView
1997-JUN-07USA TodayA chat with the artistgeneral Q & A. It's obvious the interviewer knew nothing about Sarah ("what instruments do you play?")View
1997-JUN-05USA Todayn/aLilith FairView
1997-MAY-26TimeCool Sirens of the SummerLilith Fair. Part of the feature article on "what's cool this summer". Print edition has nice picture.View
1997-MAY-??Entertainment WeeklyLilith Fair Kickoff Date May 5Lilith FairView
1997-APR-30Jam!Sarah McLachlan new album detailsSurfacingView
1997-FEB-??n/aSarah gets marriedSarah's marriage. Just a few short pieces and info, compiled by me.View
1997-FEB-05The 104 ZoneFumbling Towards Perfectiongeneral/KRBE private sessionView
1997-JAN-12Houston ChronicleIntimate Pleasures: 'Private Sessions' provide pure venue for songsKRBE Private Session. Sarah-related portions excerpted.View
Winter '96-Spring '97Mondo 2000The Art of Contradictiongeneral. Very in-depth and interesting. Highly suggested reading.View

1996 and earlier

1996-DEC-14Variety MagazineKROQ "Almost Acoustic Christmas"Sarah's appearance at KROQ Acoustic ChristmasView
1996-NOV-01ChatelaineTumbling into ecstasygeneral/struggles with Surfacing. Very nice piece, and nice photos.View
1996-OCT-19BillboardMcLachlan plans all-female tourLilith FairView
1996-SEP-19DropD Magazinen/aLilith Fair. Nice photos.View
1996-SEP-15Vancouver ProvinceLilith Fair was a garden party for the Quiet GrrrlsLilith FairView
1996-AUG-26Toronto StarMcLachlan tour potential powerfulLilith FairView
1996-AUG-18L.A. TimesSarah McLachlan getting even with the guysLilith FairView
1996-JUL-21Toronto StarHeadline: Stung by Sting and lovin' itconcert review - Sarah opened for Sting.View
1996-JUL-20Jam!Bitten by Stingconcert reviewView
1996-JUN-22Toronto StarPop Reviewsalbum review - B-Sides, Rarities...View
1996-JUN-21Toronto SunRecord Reviewsalbum review - B-Sides, Rarities...View
1996-JUN-14Detroit Free Press'Girlie Goddess' tour brings sisters together in emotionLilith Fair '96View
1996-JUN-13Detroit Free PressSarah McLachlan plays a rare summer gigLilith Fair '96View
1995-SEP-??Night TimesSarah McLachlan Radiant at Riverportconcert reviewView
1995-JUN-30Toronto SunSimply Sarahconcert reviewView
1995-JUN-??London Free PressMcLachlan shines in London concertconcert reviewView
1994 WinterMuse MagazineA Journey That Led to the Extremes of Human Kindness and CrueltySarah's voyage with World Vision to CambodiaView
1994-SEP-20Denver PostCool Climate For Songbirds: Sarah McLachlan latest Canadian to make her markgeneral/FTEView
1994-SEP-16Washington PostMcLachlan's Fine FumbleFumbling Towards EcstasyView
1994-MAY-02Mindlinknonegeneral interview. Was supposed to appear in Sample magazine.View

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