Billboard July 1997 - Album Review

Canadian artiste Sarah McLachlan follows up her 1994 commercial breakthrough album, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" (Music to My Ears, Jan. 8, 1994), with a record showcasing her crystalline voice, profound lyrics, and talent for penning subtly beautiful, powerful tunes. Standout tracks on the shiningly consistent album include the sumptuous first single, "Building A Mystery" (which has already caught fire internationally), the k.d. lang-reminiscent "Sweet Surrender," the gorgeous piano ballad "Adia," and the sultry "Black & White." McLachlan's considerable base at modern rock, triple-A, and AC, and headlining spot on her Lilith Fair festival, should set the table for a long-running, successful album. An artist whose sensibilities are in tune with the public's thirst for music that comes from the soul.

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