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November 4th, 1998

CANADIAN ARTISTS 'SING FOR A CURE' FOR DIABETES -Proceeds from the CD to benefit Juvenille Diabetes Foundation Canada-

TORONTO-Thirteen of Canada's top-performing female artists, including Sarah McLachlan, Amanda Marshall and Beverly Mahood, have joined forces to fine a cure for diabetes -- a potentially fatal disease that afflicts one in 20 Canadians. the CD project, a non-traditional way for a charity to raise much needed funds, was developed by Juvenille Diabetes Foundation Canada (JDF), in conjunction with Sony Music. All net proceeds from the CD, entitled "Faith & Healing," will benefit diabetes research.

"The funds raised through the sale of 'Faith & Healing' will put us one step closer to finding a cure for diabetes," says Kate MacDonald, National Executive Director of JDF. "And as the holiday season approaches, it is a great gift idea because it has a variety of popular artists, and it benefits such a worthwhile cause."

Artists that contribute to the "Faith & Healing" CD include Amanda Marshall, Tara Maclean, Beverley Mahood, Chantal Kreviazuk, Lile Fatale, Melanie Doane, Wild Strawberries, Terez Montcalm, Holly Cole, Sarah McLachlan, Damhnait Doyle, Rachel Matkin and Amy Sky. The CD is an eclectic mix of artists from various genres that will appeal to all musical tastes.

"I feel so previleged to be contributing to this CD," says beverley Mahood, nominee for the Rising Star award at this year's Canadian Country Music Awards. "The song I chose, Girl out of the Ordinary, is so appropriate for this compilation because it's about a child who faces challenges, but those obstacles don't stop her from pursuing her dreams."

All of the artists included on the CD donated their time and talents. They agreed to contribute their songs because they are committed to finding a cure for diabetes -- a disease that afflicts 2.25 million Canadians and causes devastating complications such as blindness, heart and kidney failure and amputation.

"The number of Canadians suffering from diabetes is frightening," says Brenda Dainard, Manager, Special Projects, Sony Music. "These figures were one of the primary reasons why the artists agreed to contribute to this project -- they wanted to do what they could to help find a cure."

"Faith & Healing" will be available at all le chateau locations across Canada from November 2 - December 11, 1998, or by calling JDF's toll-free phone number at 1-877-CUREJDF. The suggested retail price of the CD is $16.95.

Since its inception, JDF has donated more money to diabetes research than any other not-for-profit, non-government health agency in the world. JDF's vision is clear and simple -- to find a cure for diabetes through the support of research. Its world-renowned research has been responsible for major scientific breakthroughs on the path to find a cure.

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Faith & Healing

Amanda Marshall         Trust Me (This is Love)
Tara MacLean            More
Beverley Mahood         Girl Out of The Ordinary
Chantal Kreviazuk	Dealer
Lile Fatale             Mimi
Melanie Doane           My Sister Sings (Kevin Killen Remix)
Wild Strawberries       Blunt
Terez Montcalm          Parle pas Si Forte
Holly Cole              Make It Go Away
Sarah McLachlan         Full of Grace
Damhnait Doyle          A List of Things
Rachel Matkin           Living Beyond Our Dreams
Amy Sky                 Wall Against The Water

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