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Sarah McLachlan honoured for her songs

The Vancouver Sun - Nov 17, 1998

TORONTO -- Larry Gowan and Sarah McLachlan were honoured by their songwriting peers Monday for their contributions to Canadian music.

Gowan, who had a string of hits in the mid-'80s, including A Criminal Mind and Strange Animal, was given the SOCAN national achievement award for outstanding success in the Canadian music industry.

McLachlan, who created and organized the all-female Lilith Fair tours, received the Wm. Harold Moon award for bringing international recognition to Canada through her music.

McLachlan accepted her award via videotape. She is embroiled in a Vancouver lawsuit launched by a former collaborator who claims he was denied credit on four of her early songs.

SOCAN -- the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada -- is a non-profit performing rights society that licenses public performances of copyrighted musical works in Canada.

Quebec singers Roch Voisine and Corey Hart were chief among pop artists honoured for the amount of airplay their songs garnered last year. Country songwriters so recognized included Paul Brandt, Julian Austin, Jason McCoy, Shania Twain and Prairie Oyster.

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