Sarah McLachlan Marries Bandmate

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Sarah McLachlan married her longtime drummer Ashwin Sood in Jamaica on Friday (Feb. 7) in a spontaneous ceremony in a gazebo overlooking the Caribbean. McLachlan, Sood and a minister were the only ones in attendance. The pair, who have been together for two years--Sood has been in the band five--were taking a 10-day break from recording McLachlan's new album, as yet untitled, at the Wild Sky Studios in Morin Heights near Montreal, Canada.

"They decided to take the time they had to make it a honeymoon," says Nettwerk Records spokesperson Kim Hardy.

McLachlan returns to Canada Tuesday (Feb. 11) to make a guest appearance with Blue Rodeo at a benefit in aid of Native American activist Leonard Peltier at the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto. The honeymoon will definitely be over, however. Sood will not be joining his new bride for the show. He returns to Montreal to continue working on the new record with producer Pierre Marchand. Hardy says they hope to have the album out this June in time for the mammoth McLachlan-organized Lilith Faire festival touring this summer.

- Sorelle Saidman

McLachlan Weds Drummer

(Toronto Sun)

Sarah McLachlan has taken the marital plunge.

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter, due in Toronto tonight for the Leonard Peltier benefit at the Phoenix with Blue Rodeo, married her drummer Ashwin Sood - believed to be in his late 20s - last Friday in Jamaica during a break from recording McLachlan's new album.

The couple, who were most recently featured on Blue Rodeo frontman Greg Keelor's solo album "Gone", exchanged vows "in a gazebo overlooking the Caribbean sea", according to McLachlan's label, Nettwerk Records.

"The rumor was that it had been in the works for a while, but I think it was pretty spontaneous," said Nettwerk spokesperson Kim Hardy.

Meanwhile, McLachlan's new, as yet untitled album, is due in June, and the singer's all-woman music festival, Lilith Fair, kicks off July 5 in Seattle at The Gorge.

Two dates at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre are tentatively scheduled for August 14 and 15. The lineup will be announced this week.

A Report From Someone At Sarah's Wedding Reception

Posted on condition of anonymity. You can choose to believe this guy or not, but I think he sounds pretty truthful.

I just wanted to relate to you my experience last evening.

As a Sarah fan you know that she was married several months ago in Jamaica to her drummer Ash Sood. Last evening (May 10th), they celebrated their marriage with friends and family in a Vancouver restaurant. I happened to be there.

First I'd like to mention that Sarah and Ash are extremely fine people. There was a lot of love and admiration in the room for them both. The couple wore traditional Indian garb and both looked fantastic.

The evening started with a traditional ceremony joining the two, conducted by Ash's Uncle. Dinner was a spinach salad followed by a mixed buffet of Canadian and Indian dishes. The drink of the evening was Crantini served, of course, with a fresh cranberry garnish. Dinner was followed by a light hearted slide show retrospective of the paths both had followed to end up in each others arms. The visuals went right back to early childhood and included some embarrassing photos of each others teen years (and Ash in a charming dress). After the slide show came an emotional yet lengthy speech and presentation by Ash's Aunt. This was followed by a humourous presentation by a trio of Theatresports members, one of whom flew in from LA for the evening.

Finally, dancing and fun finished the evening. Great music supplied informally by friends of the happy couple.

The author says: I posted this snipet about Sarah so that those who are fans might have the opportunity to hear about it. Please, feal free to repost it where ever you like. all I would ask is that, where ever you do post it, or whomever you send it to, please omit my email address. I was not a guest of the wedding. I was a waiter there. It is considered unethical and unprofessional to elaborate on the private lives and parties of anybody who frequents your establishment. So, use it as you will and feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the evening. Just leave my name out of it.

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