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Wednesday June 30, 1999

Sarah McLachlan's lawyer wraps up arguments in court case


VANCOUVER - Sarah McLachlan's lawyer wrapped up her final submissions yesterday in a long-drawn-out legal over McLachlan's breakthrough album, Touch.

Darryl Neudorf, a former band member for the group 54-40, maintains he helped Sarah McLachlan write four songs on her first album a decade ago. He's suing her for an album credit and monetary compensation.

McLachlan's lawyer says Neudorf's work on the Touch album wasn't enough to warrant being credited as a co-producer or co-songwriter.

The case has been lodged in a B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver for more than seven months now.

The Sarah McLachlan trial has been going on for more than seven months.

Neudorf's lawyer gets a last reply to Conkie's statements before the trial wraps up today. The judge isn't expected to deliver a verdict until the fall.

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