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Anagrams of "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy"

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  Rearranging the letters of 'Fumbling Towards Ecstasy' gives:
  Now castrated bugs flimsy.                 Fat absurdity clowns gems. 
  Fancy! wordiest, smug blast.               Smugly browsed fantastic. 
  Subtly magic to dwarfness.                 O my! wanted, first-class bug. 
  Bawdiest Y-fronts lag scum.                My god! new, brutal fascists. 
  Yum! wanted, first-class bog.              Glory be! mud fascist wasn't. 
  Twists scum by-and-large of.               Damn! graceful, bossy twist. 
  Damn! graceful, bossy twits.               Windbags scum fatty loser.          
  Flog braw, smutty acidness.                Dwarfness combats ugly it.
  O my! wrangled but fascists.               Masterly of cuts windbags. 
  Of nags tawdrily scum best.                Drowsy flaunts magic best. 
  Guilty dwarfness combats.                  Of clears smutty windbags. 
  My god! braw, finest cutlass.              Drowsy, glum fanatics best. 
  Now detracts as flimsy bug.                Frostily wanted bugs scam. 
  Wanted if by scrotums slag.                Bugs mendacity farts slow. 
  Blast it! screwy and smug of.              A bugs flimsy detracts now. 
  Blast! seducing warm softy.                Cute windbags fly so smart.
  O my! restful windbags cast.               My restful windbags coast.
  Of smarts cutely. Windbags.                Tawdrily best so scum fang.
  Ratty cow if smug baldness.                Wrongful beasts tidy scam.
  Wrongful best as tidy scam.                Fancy! gormless baud twits.
  Bawdiest Y-fronts slug cam.                Absurdity clowns fast gem.
  Now subtracted flimsy gas.                 Smutty screwing as bald of.
  Glory be! want fascists mud.               Bawdiest, fly scrotums nag.
  Bawdiest, clumsy of grants.                My tactless four windbags.
  Tactful or messy windbags.                 Tarty cow if smug baldness.
  Cow smugly finest bastard.                 Bugs maniacs worst deftly.
  My fascist wrangles doubt.                 Blast! scourged if my wasn't.
  Sly windbags smart cute of.                Ya! windbags left scrotums.
  Fancy! direst wombats slug.                Wrongful dismay acts best.
  Wrongful dismay cats best.                 Few classy, doubting smart.
  Flown as bigamy destructs.                 Worst defaming by cutlass.
  Defaming but classy worst.                 Worst funds magic beastly.
  O my! wrangled fascist bust.               Warm gits fancy doubtless.
  Warm fatty slobs seducing.                 Bugs infamy detracts slow.
  Fancy! twist gormless baud.                Of treats clumsy windbags.
  O my! fat clusters windbags.               Fancy! writable gods smuts.
  Wombats as defunct grisly.                 Damn! screwy, boastful gits.
  Tawdrily scum fatness bog.                 Cow flag smutty rabidness.
  Cow dumbness if ratty slag.                By-and-large swifts to scum.
  My! Blast it! now crass fudge.             Worst feasting badly scum.
  Worst badly magnetic fuss.                 Crumbs! owing steadfastly.
  Glory be! fascist wants mud.               Bawdiest, glum fancy sorts.
  Bawdiest crafts on smugly.                 My windbags forecast slut.
  Cows abusing deftly smart.                 Fatty cows glum rabidness.
  Fatty cows rabid glumness.                 Ratty cows if bad glumness.
  Smugness if badly cow tart.                Magic by dwarfness to slut.
  Wrongful dismays act best.                 Wrongful cat dismays best.
  Damnably gross cute swift.                 Smut badly screwing fatso.
  Wrangled scum fat, bossy it.               Deftly bus orgasmic wasn't.
  Glory be! fascist want muds.               Dumb fangs twist coarsely.
  Bawdiest no crafts smugly.                 O my! restful acts windbags.
  My restful coats windbags.                 Curses! mostly fat windbag.
  Fancy! writable gods musts.                Ugly wombat nerd fascists.
  Cowards if batty glumness.                 Steadfast, grim clown buys.
  Blast it! fury cows and gems.              Fat absurdism cows gently.
  Cow dumbness if tarty slag.                Dismay best wrongful cast.
  Wrongful, tidy, basest scam.               Damn! swiftly coarsest bug.
  Flaw disgrace smutty snob.                 Mendacity flows bugs star.
  Now classify smart budget.                 Now smart if classy budget.
  Worst manly fascist debug.                 Curses! swot damnably gift.
  Fancy! wordiest blast mugs.                Fat, clumsy tawdriness bog.
  Wanted bags scum frostily.                 New flog scatty absurdism.
  Dumb fang twists coarsely.                 Fancy! slug bawdiest storm.
  Frosty windbags scum late.                 Yum! tactless for windbags.
  Clumsy windbags to faster.                 Braw, flimsy, cutest gonads.
  Steadfast, grim clowns buy.                Gem fats clowns absurdity.
  Tarty cows if bad glumness.                Ratty cow if bald smugness.
  Nows castrated flimsy bug.                 Castrated flimsy bug owns.
  Worst massaged nifty club.                 Amusing crabs swot deftly.
  Down castrates flimsy bug.                 Crumbs! fatty swindles ago.
  Crumbs! gay swindles to fat.               Wanted, flimsy, bugs scrota.
  Glory be! smut fascist dawn.               Smutty basics wrangled of.
  Bug twits fondly massacre.                 Windbags as softly. Rectum.
  My windbags focus starlet.                 Of muscles ratty windbags.
  Fat, sly customer windbags.                My softer windbag cutlass.
  Smugly consisted braw fat.                 Fascist, ugly nerd wombats.
  Cowardly, smug tabs finest.                Cowardly, fat bit smugness.
  Submitted slag scrawny of.                 Cows fatted smugly brains.
  Fangs cow balmiest sturdy.                 Blast! frauds cow tiny gems.
  By-and-large, custom swifts.               My god! Blast it! Curses! fawn.
  Absurdly gem fascist town.                 Drat! now best ugly fascism.
  Able fangs tidy worst scum.                Worst deftly as bugs manic.
  Wordiest, manly, bugs facts.               Castrate flimsy, bugs down.
  Warm fat custody glibness.                 Damn! graceful boys twists.
  Coarsely twits dumb fangs.                 Warts scum bigotedly fans.
  Smugly scorn bawdiest fat.                 Windbags molest fury acts.
  Windbags molest fury cats.                 O my! tactless windbags fur.
  My god! slut brews fanatics.               Farts seducing sly wombat.
  Flimsy dungs castrate bow.                 Bow castrates flimsy dung.
  Tawdry, fascist, smug noble.               Yawn to fascists grumbled.
  Steadfast, busy, grim clown.               Clown steady if bugs smart.
  Clown fast absurdity gems.                 Deftly cow bug in smartass.
  Is fatty, drab cow glumness.               Cow beastly if grand smuts.
  Cow if beastly dungs smart.                Tarty cow if bald smugness.
  Swift, by-and-large customs.               Now scum by steadfast girl.
  Now detract as bugs flimsy.                Now if balmy gas destructs.
  Swot beastly if grand scum.                Subtly screwing mad fatso.
  Fatty, bold scums swearing.                SOS! wrangled if batty scum.
  My fascists wrangled bout.                 Glow scum fatty rabidness.
  My god! fascist, brutal news.              Fancy twister as smug bold.
  The following are the longest words made using some of the letters: 
  abstractions                            adulteration
  congratulate                            considerably 
  cowardliness                            declarations 
  disturbances                            masturbating 
  masturbation                            masturbations 
  mendaciously                            satisfactory 
  unsatisfactory                          adulterations 
  aerodynamics                            badly-written 
  battleground                            broadcasting 
  cold-resistant                          configurable 
  congratulated                           congratulates 
  constabulary                            counter-blast 
  deflationary                            demonstrably 
  disastrously                            discountable 
  dismountable                            elastodynamics 
  emasculation                            factor-tables 
  graciousness                            malefactions 
  matriculated                            mistranslated 
  nose-flautist                           russian-style 
  salt-incrusted                          somersaulting 
  sub-factorial                           subordinates 
  subtractions                            triangulated 
  unassociated                            uncalibrated 
  unsystematic                            adulterating 
  consumerists                            curtailments 
  misconstrued                            mud-wrestling 
  scoutmasters                            subrelations 
  customisable                            recognisably

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