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the mailing list

FumbleCode, v0.5a

This is the FumbleCode, version 0.5a. I've taken the liberty of updating version 0.4c by changing outdated references and adding Remixed and Afterglow to the code. Most of the text is taken from Julian's version (0.4c) and if anyone has comments/additions/suggestions please email me at the address below.


The FumbleCode is kind of like a "secret handshake" for Fumbling-Towards-Ecstasy list members, aka "Fumblers". Within a Fumbler's FumbleCode contains information about their Sarah experiences as well as life experiences. Use this handy chart to build your own, or decode someone else's.

The Code Itself

NOTE: Suggestions are desperately wanted for this, either for sections or for
individual categories. Some of this has been stolen from Rob Hayden's Geek
Code, so we should replace it as soon as possible. New versions of this code
will obsolete previous ones. :)

PLEASE don't post your codes to the list until we get this finalized, if only
to reduce total bandwidth usage. (And even then, it'd kinda be pointless to
have lotsa posts that say "My FumbleCode is.." don't you think?)

The Code is maintained by Laure ([email protected]), kindly hosted and updated
in 2000 by Julian Dunn ([email protected]), and was hacked together by Mike
Sugimoto ([email protected]) when he was really bored one Saturday afternoon
in late July 1997 after someone suggested it. Mike suggests that it be considered
'Hugware' - if you found it useful/interesting/uplifting/depressing/useless,
go out and hug someone.

Mail comments and suggestions to [email protected]. This is a list-wide call for suggestions.

=                         AND NOW, THE FUMBLECODES..                        =
What do you do?
Fumblers come in all flavours. We have lots of people on the list, and welcome
folks from all branches of life. Tell us what your vocation is, or, if you're
a student, what it will be if you don't flunk out.

    FuB     --  Fumbler of Business
    FuC     --  Fumbler of Commerce
    FuCM    --  Fumbler of Communications
    FuCS    --  Fumbler of Computer Science
    FuE     --  Fumbler of Engineering
    FuED    --  Fumbler of Education
    FuFA    --  Fumbler of Fine Arts
    FuH     --  Fumbler of Humanities
    FuJ     --  Fumbler of Jurisprudence (Law)
    FuL     --  Fumbler of Literature
    FuM     --  Fumbler of Math
    FuMI    --  Fumbler in the Military
    FuMD    --  Fumlber of Medicine
    FuMU    --  Fumbler of Music
    FuN     --  Fumbler of Nothing
    FuO     --  Fumbler of Other
    FuP     --  Fumbler of Philosophy
    FuS     --  Fumbler of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)
    FuSS    --  Fumbler of Social Science (Psychology, Sociology, etc.)
    FuT     --  Fumbler of Theatre (see also FuFA)
    FuU     --  Fumbler of an Unknown
    FuAT    --  Fumbler of All Trades. For those Fumblers who can do
                everything (and do!).

If you're multitalented, let the world know! Use a / to separate your
    Eg: FuMD/T/SS, FuJ, FuCS/FA

First Exposure
We all want to know what your first exposure to Sarah was. Pick from the
following list:

    ext     --  Touch
    exsl    --  Solace
    exfe    --  Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
    exfs    --  Freedom Sessions
    exbs    --  Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff
    exsr    --  Surfacing
    exm     --  Mirrorball
|   exrm    --  Remixed
|   exag    --  Afterglow
    exs     --  Something else not listed here
    ex?     --  I forget what my first exposure was

If you like, you can add the year (two digits, please) to the tail end of this
category to denote the actual year you discovered Sarah.
    Eg: ext88, exfe94, exsr97

How big is your collection?
A Sarah fan can be judged along many scales, but one of the most common is the
number of albums you currently own. Tell us how much of your financial
independence is tied up in CDs.

    a++++   --  I own all the major releases, all the singles, all the promos,
                all the videos/DVDs, and all the boots. I need a bigger CD rack.
    a+++    --  Were it not for the fact that the boots are hard to find in
                this part of the world, I would have a fairly complete
                collection of Sarah CDs.
    a++     --  I own all the major releases, and most of the singles. I have
                one or both of the videos.
    a+      --  I own all the major releases, and some of the singles. I'm
                actively looking for new material I don't already have.
    a       --  I own all the major releases, and don't really see the
                reasoning behind chasing after copies of things I already
    a-      --  I own most of the major releases.
    a--     --  I have two Sarah albums.
    a---    --  I have one Sarah album.
    a!      --  I get my Sarah fix from the radio.

Which album made the biggest impression on you?
We all had one particular Sarah album that hit us like a sledgehammer, that's
why we're here. Which one was it?

   Itch    --  Touch.
   Islc    --  Solace.
   Ifte    --  Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.
   Ifrs    --  Freedom Sessions.
   Ibsd    --  Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff.
   Isrf    --  Surfacing.
   Imir    --  Mirrorball
|  Irem    --  Remixed
|  Iafg    --  Afterglow
   Iall    --  Well, duh.

If more than one album knocked you off your feet, use a / to separate them:
Ifte/srf, for example.

Where do you live?
Sarah fans come from all over the world, and, if I'm right, from all over
the galaxy too. Where are you from? Use your two-character Internet
country/province/state identifier to indicate where you claim residency.

    lbcca   --  I live in British Columbia (for example)
    ltxus   --  I live in Texas.
    lca     --  I live in Canada.
    lus     --  I live in the United States.
    lau     --  I live in Australia.
    luk     --  I live in the United Kingdom.
    lsu     --  I live in Russia.
    Ieu     --  I live elsewhere in Europe.
    Ias     --  I live elsewhere in Asia.
    Iaf     --  I live in Africa.
    l?      --  Where *do* I live?
    ?l      --  I'm not sure where I am right now, never mind where I live.
    l!      --  Call Fox Mulder.
    !l      --  This (workplace) seems like home.

How long have you been on the list?
There are people on FTE that have been here ever since the beginning, and
people that probably just joined today and wondered what those funny
symbols in Fumblers' signatures were. Where do you fit in? Start your code
with "L#" and replace the "#" symbol with the number of months you've been
on the list.

    L#+++    --  I am Anthony Baxter.
    L#++     --  I was one of the inaugural members of the list.
    L#+      --  I joined the list when it was at Yoyo.
    L#       --  I joined the list after the move.
    L#-      --  I have been on and off the list.
    L#?      --  I don't remember when I joined the list.
    !L       --  I'm not even on the list; I just found this code while
                 surfing, and I'm joining you psychos today.

How much mail do you read?
Be honest. There's so much mail that it's easy to make a career out of reading
list traffic. Tell us how much mail you actually read:

    r++     --  I read all the mail on the list.
    r+      --  I read most of the mail on the list.
    r       --  I read all of the mail by some of the people.
    r-      --  I skim the subject lines for something interesting.
    r--     --  I ignore everything with the letters BST in the subject lines.
    r---    --  I ignore anything that doesn't come from Nettwerk.
    rd      --  I get the digest.
    rd!     --  I get the digests and let them pile up.

How much do you post?
While you can join the list, you can't truly be a Fumbler until you post. So,
how often do you do that?

    ps+++   --  I make multiple posts every day.
    ps++    --  I post very frequently.
    ps+     --  I post frequently enough.
    ps      --  I post whenever I have something to say, which isn't often.
    ps-     --  I post infrequently.
    ps!     --  I don't post.
|   ps*     --  I am matthew.

How much BST do you post? 
The list tends to diverge a lot. Do you chip in and help?

   bs+++   --  I post a lot of BST.
   bs++    --  Most of my posts are BST. I still try to stay on-topic whenver
               I can.
   bs+     --  Sometimes I post BST, sometimes I post content.
   bs      --  I post about as much BST as the average person.
   bs-     --  I try really hard not to post BST.
   bs--    --  Not only do I not post BST, I don't read it either.
   bs---   --  MODERATE THE LIST!
|  bs*     --  I am Stoneface.

Social Interaction on the List
Some individuals (bless their hearts) go out of their way to make new members
feel at home, and/or always seem to try and keep everyone happy. Are you one
of these people?

  so++     -- I am a member of a FTE Welcoming Committee.
  so+      -- I make it a point to make people on the list happy.
  so       -- I state my opinion, good or bad.
  so-      -- My opinion is usually a negative one, but it's mine.
  so--     -- Social interaction? Bah, humbug!
  so!      -- I don't post enough to count.
  !so      -- I flame everyone in sight.


There have been two list shirts made. At Christmas 1996, Terry and Stefani
Crupe (along with a huge cadre of designers and assistants) produced and
mailed out a t-shirt to help identify listers. The t-shirt idea was
resurrected in spring/summer 1999 by Andrea Butler (again with a host of
others) and a second run of different shirt was produced. Both are really
nice. Tell us how you feel about the shirts!

    t+++    --  It's all I wear!
    t++     --  I have one (or both) t-shirts, and wear them regularily.
    t+      --  I have one of the shirts, and wear it occasionally.
    t       --  I bought a t-shirt.
    t-      --  I didn't buy a t-shirt and regret that choice.
    t--     --  I want to buy a t-shirt because I wasn't around at the time.
    t?      --  What's this t-shirt?
    t!      --  I don't want a t-shirt.
    !t      --  I couldn't buy a t-shirt.
    *t      --  I helped coordinate the t-shirt effort. (Add your rating too.)

Since this *is* a mailing list, and you need a computer to access it, it's
assuming you have some kind of experience and knowledge with them. However, as
with most things in life, some people have more, and some have less. This is
not an OS-centric question! Rate your geekiness here:

    C+++    --  I am a sysadmin/wizard.
    C++     --  I like my computer. I use it on a daily basis, and rarely if
                ever have to refer to documentation. I type faster than I
                can write by hand. I check my e-mail on a very regular basis,
                often as the first thing I do in the morning. Somehow, I
                manage to stay off academic probation.
    C+      --  Computers are useful. I can use a word processor fairly well
                and can run Half-Life when I'm bored. I check my e-mail daily.
    C       --  I can use a computer.
    C-      --  I don't understand what's so great about these computers. I
                can use them to type papers, but I'm really missing something
                in the hype.
    C--     --  Computers are a pain in the neck. They crash all the time, and
                they're more trouble than they're worth.
    C---    --  I am a proud member of the Lead Pencil Club.
    !C      --  I use WebTV.
    C!      --  B8 00 4C CD 21.

Web Pages
A lot of people have Web pages these days, but only a select group of people
have Sarah McLachlan pages. Tell us if you've got a page, and especially if
you've got a Sarah one..

    w++++   --  I have a Sarah-related domain name.
    w+++    --  I have my own domain name. Of course I have a Sarah page.
    w++     --  I have a Sarah page, a personal page, and update one/both on
                a regular basis.
    w+      --  I have a Sarah page and a personal page, but I don't update
                it/them very often.
    w       --  I have a personal Web page.
    w*      --  I have a Sarah page, but no personal page.
    w-      --  I don't have a Web page.
    w--     --  I don't have a Web page, and frankly, don't see the appeal.
    w---    --  I will never have a Web page. Death to http.
    !w      --  I don't have a website, but I run a gopher server.
    w?      --  What's the Web?

No musical experience is complete without seeing your favourite artist live,
and Sarah is no exception. She does wonderful performances. How many times
have you seen her?

    p#      --  I've seen Sarah # times in concert.
    p!      --  I've never seen Sarah in concert.
    !p      --  I've never seen Sarah in concert and desperately want to.
    p*      --  I don't want to see Sarah in concert.
    *p      --  It's been too long since I've seen Sarah in concert.

Glowsticks (or, "no one gets into heaven without a glowstick")
Fumblers have a bad habit of waving around short glowing phallic sticks in
unison at Sarah's concerts, Lilith Fair or solo. Are you a glowstick virgin
or one of the original crazy wavers? You can even tell us how many times
you've "done the deed." No, not THAT deed.

    gl#++++ -- I am one of the original glowstickers.
    gl#+++  -- I have coordinated a local glowstick procedure.
    gl#++   -- I have glowsticked at every Sarah concert I've attended.
    gl#+    -- I glowsticked in coordination with the predescribed rules.
    gl#     -- I glowsticked to my own drummer.
    !gl     -- I've seen Sarah in concert, but never glowsticked.
    gl?     -- What's a glowstick?
    gl!#    -- I couldn't control myself and glowsticked during every
               song in Sarah's set.
    gl!!    -- I use glowsticks for other purposes. (naughty grin)
    gl*#    -- I am Attila Hardy and I had a 16-inch glowstick.

Lilith Fair
In 1997, 1998 and 1999, Sarah took a band of female musicians on the road
as part of a celebration of women in music. Lilith Fair rocked a lot of people's
universes.. are you one of them?

    LF+++   --  I explicitly went on road trips to see multiple Lilith Fair
                dates over multiple years.
    LF++    --  I've been to multiple Lilith dates.
    LF+     --  I went to Lilith Fair and had a great time.
    LF      --  I went to Lilith Fair. It was okay.
    LF-     --  I went to Lilith Fair and came away a bit disappointed.
    LF--    --  I went to Lilith Fair and came away really disappointed.
    LF!     --  I missed Lilith Fair.
    !LF!    --  Lilith Fair didn't come to my city/province/country/planet.
    !LF     --  I boycotted Lilith Fair.
    LF?     --  I don't know what Lilith Fair is.

Nettwerk is the greatest record company on earth. Do you agree?

    N++++   --  I am Terry McBride.
    N+++    --  Nettwerk kicks ASS! Their musicians are phenomenal, I support
                them every way I can by buying various CDs from their artists.
                I know how the company got its name.
    N++     --  Nettwerk is a very good company. They have a cool philosophy,
                and some good artists.
    N+      --  Nettwerk has impressed me, but I don't know much about it.
    N       --  Nettwerk makes CDs. Is there something else to know?
    N-      --  Nettwerk has a less-than stellar reputation in my mind.
    N--     --  Destroy Nettwerk. Now.
    N---    --  Don't talk to me about Nettwerk. I'm mad at them.
    N!      --  I've hung out at Nettwerk.
    !N      --  I work for Nettwerk.
    N?      --  Who are these Nettwerk guys, and why can't they spell?
    N*      --  I worship the ground Nettwerkers walk on.
    N**     --  I've lusted after a Nettwerk employee.

CD Buying
Fumblers have, generally speaking, large CD collections. Start with 'cd#',
where # is the approximate (or exact) number of discs in your library, and
then rate as follows..

    cd#+++  --  I am Jill :D
    cd#++   --  I buy five or six discs at a time.
    cd#+    --  I buy two or three discs at a time.
    cd#     --  I buy one disc at a time. More is wasteful.
    cd#-    --  Not only do I only buy one disc at a time, I seldom do THAT.
    cd#--   --  I only buy new releases from bands that I like, and those are
                few and far between.
    cd#---  --  I never buy CDs. I get them as gifts.
    !cd#    --  I never buy CDs. I steal them
    cd#*    --  I have a tape collection.

Some fumblers make their own music. Other fumblers buy this music. Where do
you fit in?

    fm+++++ -- I am Jess Weiser/Tricia Concepcion.
    fm++++  -- I have recorded a CD of my own.
    fm+++   -- I have written a few tunes, but not recorded anything.
    fm++    -- I play an instrument.
    fm+     -- I've bought a Fumbler's CD.
    fm      -- I've heard some fumblers' music and enjoyed it.
    fm-     -- I've never heard a fumbler's music.
    fm--    -- Fumblers make music?
    fm---   -- I'm currently making a mockery out of the guitar/piano.
    !fm     -- I only listen to Sarah.

Fumbling Towards Publicity
Sarah receives much more media attention now than when this FumbleCode was
originally written, but we still hear people every so often saying, "Who's
that Sarah McGoblin chick?" Much of her music is still spread by word of
mouth -- from loyal fans like you to your roommates, dorm-mates, friends,
parents, and so on. How many people have you converted?

   pr+++   --  I converted my whole family, my office, my entire circle of
               friends, and my dog/cat. There are several people who will no
               longer speak to me because I won't shut up about Sarah and her
               music. Whenever I DJ, I play all my Sarah albums, including
               the "rare" versions of songs.
   pr++    --  I've converted quite a few people. I give Sarah CDs for
               birthday presents to help spread the word. Folks ask me for
               news about her performances. I've written articles about Sarah
               for campus newspapers. I have friends I talk to about Sarah's
   pr+     --  I've converted a couple of my friends, and will occasionally
               play Sarah CDs without prompting at social gatherings to gauge
               reaction. I sometimes make announcements about my enthusiasm
               for an upcoming concert / album release.
   pr      --  I've converted at least one person close to me.
   pr-     --  I've never converted anyone.
   pr--    --  Not only have I never converted anyone, I try to keep my
               feelings for Sarah secret.
   pr---   --  I live in an area populated by heavy metal and rap fanatics.

Let's Celebrate!
Fumblers have been known to do weird things to celebrate occurrences in
Sarah's life. Every year, we send a birthday card, and in the past three
years (1998-2000) we have also collected donations in Sarah's name for
a worthy charity -- so far it's been Habitat for Humanity. What do you do
to honour this musical inspiration?

   g+++++  --  I am Jason Kurylo / Mona S. and made a cheque presentation
               to Sarah at Storytellers in 1998.
   g++++   --  I have coordinated a gift-giving / card-signing event.
   g+++    --  I've signed a birthday card and made a donation.
   g++     --  I've signed a birthday card or made a donation.
   g+      --  I've made a donation.
   g       --  I've contemplated making a donation.
   g-      --  I've never signed a birthday card or made a donation.
   g--     --  I've never signed a birthday card / made a donation, and
               don't want to.
   g---    --  You people are *p*s*y*c*h*o*s*.
   g!      --  What the heck is this donation thing?
   g*      --  I've sent something to Sarah independent of the list effort.

In-person meetings
Some Fumblers are lucky enough to have met the object of our affections. Have
you been that fortunate?

    m#      --  I've met Sarah # times.
    m+      --  I really want to meet Sarah.
    m       --  I want to meet Sarah.
    m-      --  I don't want to meet Sarah.
    m?      --  I'm not sure I want to meet Sarah.
    ?m      --  I'm not sure Sarah wants to meet *me*.
    m!      --  I am Lois Rodriguez.

Bootlegging is the unauthorized taping of live performances. Some people do
it, more try. It's illegal to do it for profit, but for some people, this
adds to the thrill. How inclined are you to do the dirty deed?

   b++++   --  I have bootlegged a concert.
   b+++    --  I thought about bootlegging a concert and maybe brought
               bootlegging gear, but chickened out.
   b++     --  I know someone who bootlegged a concert.
   b+      --  I have bought a bootleg.
   b       --  I have traded for a bootleg, or have been part of a bootleg
   b-      --  I would never bootleg a concert.
   b--     --  I would never THINK to bootleg a concert.
   b*      --  I got caught trying to bootleg a concert.
   b!      --  I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I may
               incriminate myself.

Beginning with the huge FumbleRumble in Vancouver, in August 1997, there have
been large get-togethers of Fumblers for various Lilith Fairs in both 1998
and 1999. The most recent large one was in Toronto for Lilith in August 1999.
Have you been to a get-together?

    fc+++   --  I've been to multiple FumbleRumbles.
    fc++    --  I crashed with a Fumbler.
    fc+     --  I've been to a FumbleRumble.
    fc      --  I've never been to a FumbleRumble.
    fc-     --  I want to go to a FumbleRumble.
    fc--    --  I'm not sure I want to go to a FumbleRumble.
    fc---   --  I don't want to go to a FumbleCon.
    fc?     --  Who are these FumbleFolk / What's a FumbleRumble?
    fc!     --  There are no Fumblers around me!
    fc!!    --  I've accidentally met a Fumbler / Fumblers, but not at a
    !fc     --  You people are *p*s*y*c*h*o*s*. No way.
    *fc*    --  I was going to go to a FumbleCon, but I wrecked my
                car/boat/plane/train on the way.
    fc*     --  I am going to crash / I have crashed a FumbleRumble.
    *fc     --  I have offered to put Fumblers up. (Add your rating too.)
    fc**    --  I am Rannie Turingan / Jason Kurylo.

Fumblers are generally pretty smart folks. How much education have you had?
List your highest attained rank here:

    E+++++  --  I am Stephen Hawking.
    E++++   --  I have multiple post-graduate degrees. (M.D. + Ph.D)
    E+++    --  I have a doctoral degree. (Ph.D, M.D., D.D.S., J.D.)
    E++     --  I have a post-graduate degree. (LL.B, MPH, M.Sc)
    E+      --  I have a bachelor's degree / technical college diploma / I
                have finished some kind of post-secondary education.
    E       --  I finished high school.
    E-      --  I finished junior high school.
    E!      --  I don't remember anything beyond kindergarden.
    !E      --  Graduate of the School of Life.
    E*      --  I never went to school.

Sarah factors into a lot of relationships, and Fumblers are notorious for
talking about them on the list. What's your interpersonal status?

    rl++++  --  Happily married (either in the official sense or common-law).
                Engaged folks or people living with someone else might as well
                say this; you're halfway there already.
    rl+++   --  Found someone, have been dating them for a long time.
    rl++    --  Found someone, it's looking good, but time will tell. (>2
    rl+     --  Found someone, it's looking good, but we haven't been at it
                long enough to know. (<2 months)
    rl      --  I've bounced around a bit.
    rl-     --  I'm single.
    rl--    --  I've been single for a long time.
    rl---   --  I'm a member of the Sour Bachelor/Bachelorette's Association
                of North America. (Motto: "Bitter, but not desperate.")
    rl!     --  I've dated a Fumbler / my signficant other is a Fumbler.
    !rl     --  I'm married to my job/studies.
    rl*     --  I'm unhappily married.
    *rl     --  I'd rather not say.

If you listed anything between rl- and rl! in the previous section, you might
qualify as being desperate. It's okay; many Fumblers are. Rate your
desperation here:

    d+++    --  I'm really lonely, and actively working to change that. I hang
                out in singles bars on a regular basis.
    d++     --  I'm lonely, and occasionally go out to bars and places where
                other lonely people hang out in hopes of meeting that special
    d+      --  I'm lonely. I evaluate people I meet on a daily basis, but
                don't actively look for them.
    d       --  I'm lonely, but I'm not sure how to fix that.
    d-      --  I'm desperate, but only because I haven't had sex in a while.
    d!      --  Desperation? Don't fucking TALK to me about desperation..
    !d      --  I'm not desperate, I just wanted to list another letter group.
    d*      --  I'm resigned to being single for the rest of my life.
    *d      --  I'd rather not answer this question for my own reasons.

It logically followed that sex would be here after "Relationships" and
"Desperation," right? Well, at least in my mind. We're proud to be a diverse
group of people, and embracing of all creeds and behaviours. How's your sex

    s++++   --  I've had sex, and I've got the kids to prove it.
    s+++    --  I'm married/in a committed relationship, so I can
                (theoretically) get it whenever I want it.
    s++     --  I may once have been called easy. I have no idea where that
                came from, though.
    s+      --  I've had real, live sex.
    s       --  I'm not answering this because it's none of your damn business.
    s-      --  I've never had sex.
    s--     --  I may once have been called frigid. I have no idea where that
                came from, though.
    s---    --  I'm not having sex. Ever.
    s!      --  I'm waiting for the right person.
    !s      --  I have kinky sex.
    s*      --  I'm a pervert.
    s**     --  I've been known to make perverts look like angels
    s***    --  I am Madonna.
    s****   --  I am Larry Flynt.
    *s      --  I am *SO* not answering this question.

Putting it all together:
Your completed FumbleCode should look something like this:

Version: 0.5a
FuMD/SS ext88 a+++ Ifte lbcca r ps+ bs+ t++ C+++ w+++ *p2 LF** N+++
cd281+ pr++ g+ S-- x++++ Fa+ ?m/m? b+ !fc E+++ rl++++ !d s+++

And that's all there really is to it!

Thanks to (in no particular order):

Justin Sheehy, Lois Rodriguez, Jennifer Davidow, Christopher Ratz, Jeff Rose,
Andy Fryer, Nameless To The Goddess, Sarah Andrews, Lizza, Mr. Zebra aka
Matthew Desormeaux, Jason Kurylo, Esther Harlow, Xochitl Ruiz, Anthony Baxter,
John Stewart, Jenni Knoff, Dixon Lee, Tass Chapman, Julian Dunn, Rannie Turingan,
and to Sarah McLachlan, for without whom we'd just be a bunch of people with no lives
yapping at each other.

Revision History
v0.1a - released 25 July, 1997. Rife with bugs and omissions.
v0.2a - released 26 July, 1997. Marginally better, but not much.
v0.2b - not released.
v0.3a - released 30 July, 1997.
v0.3b - released 03 February, 1998.
v0.4a - released 01 February, 2000. Wow, has it been two years since this was
        updated! My, how time flies (- jcd)
v0.4b - released 02 February, 2000. Added the "social interaction" category,
        deleted the "lusting after Nettwerk employees" category, and made a
        few minor adjustments to some of the other categories.
v0.4c - released 04 February, 2000. Added a "glowstick" section and made some
        other adjustments.
V0.5a - released 23 November, 2003. Added Sarah's new release and made some other

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