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Toronto/Apsley FumbleRumble May 29 - 31, 1998


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Me and Lisa Jackson

Lisa and Alex in the car (blasting Tori... "let's go!")

Brian gives Mari a manicure while The Post is being written.

Rannie and Frank mimic which famous painting?

Frank looks over John Shepard's drawings portfolio.

Squid and Jenni about to head back to Indianapolis.

Jenn, like most primates, enjoys having her hair groomed. <grin>

Only when she's not reading Grisham, that is.

Jenn's method for avoiding mosquitoes.

Truth betold, I don't even remember WHY Tass decided we'd like to see his underwear.

Rannie frolicking on the dock.

The world's smallest church, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is situated just up the road. Here Christine, Rick, Tass, Brian and me share a sacred moment :)

Mari and Tass pound away at The Post.

Jenni continues typing The Post while Tass, Mari and Bloo chat it up.

One last photo with Tass, Squid and Jenni before we go our separate ways.

Back in Toronto, dinner at Tortilla Flats with Mari, Brian and Jenn.

A group picture with almost everyone together, in our cabin.

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