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Toronto-Apsley FumbleRumble May 29 - 31, 1998

Lisa Jackson's FumbleRumble Report

Lisa Jackson and Me
Lisa Jackson and me. (Maybe you should drive.)

I will state for the record that Lisa Jackson is awesome. We get along fantastically :-) Here she is, masquerading as her father (at least e-mail account-wise)

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<blaring 'Raspberry Swirl' by Tori Amos>

"Let's go..."

I still can't believe it. I've actually attended my *very first* FumbleRumble -- with tons o' people and tons o' fun. What an amazing time. :)

Even more amazing, to me, is the fact that you can take a random bunch of people with one common interest, throw them together, and it can turn out to be such a positive experience. Yes, some have met before at other gatherings, but because each grouping is different, the degree of interaction can not be predetermined.

And I had a BLAST, lemme tell ya. <grin> Wowsers. If any fumbler is debating whether to attend a Rumble, just breathe deeply and take the plunge. It will certainly be an event you'll never forget. You may feel a twinge of doubt when first coming face-to-face with people you've only been corresponding with, or reading their posts. I know that I was nervous...but excited too. When John and Jenni showed up for lunch, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. [They didn't see that -- they were at the other end of the table. ] "Ohmygod, Ohmygod, that's *Squid*!" Or for example, when I was handed Brian's 'Roadtrip CDs' -- the roadtrip that I had read so much about on this list. Initially it was hard for my brain to wrap around the fact that these "fumblers" are _people_, and were no longer just names on my computer screen. A transition I was more than happy to make...especially since I think you guys are all the more wacky in real life. ;)

As I scratch the ring of mosquito bites around my ankle, I fondly remember the following:

  • listening to the Sarah McLachlan Oakland concert, and hearing her response "Are you the ones with the...?" to the infamous cheer of "FUMBLERS LOVE YOU SARAH!" Hooray for Angela and Mari!
  • Rannie and Frank's "is it possible for it to taste this good?" cheesecake. Move over Betty Crocker. :)
  • Savage Garden. That's okay Tass -- I like Hanson. I say, go on with your bad self. <grin>
  • Alex is sleeping.
  • Meeting and discussing tattoos with Christine and Rick. Ahhh, newlywed bliss...*tee hee*
  • Having my grand introduction to the extensive material of Dar Williams, and immediately falling in love with everything. I'm determined to buy all three albums at once. :)
  • Never fear, for if you are listening to a song and don't know many of the lyrics, the proper response is to shout "Adia!" <grinning at Julian> This also works as a great conversation filler, or when you are feeling particularly goofy.
  • Alex is still sleeping.
  • Brian, they're SweetTarts. Deal with it. ;)
  • Our Madonna marathon.
  • I deem Greg culinary chef of the universe! Frank and Tass can do the dishes. <grin>
  • Jenn is awesome just because. :) It was her birthday; she wears sparkly jewelry; and she reads John Grisham. Oh yeah...she likes Sarah McLachlan too. Who needs more?
  • Where's Alex?
  • Receiving a special "Rannie Massage". Fumbling towards ecstasy indeed. ;)
  • Having the opportunity to sit and chat with Jenni and Squid for awhile, and finding out that we had first seen Sarah in the same month and year! (April, 1994) Woohoo! I was sorry that I wasn't able to say a proper goodbye to the two of you.
  • Maybe you should DRIVE, okay? Get off my back dammit! ;)
  • Fumblehugs. So _this_ is what it's all about. *warm fuzzies*

Maybe YOU should Drive! Angela, I can't stress how nice it was for you to offer the prospect of this weekend. I'm disappointed that I couldn't stay until Sunday, but I hope that you all managed to uphold the praise of TITANIC in my absence. [Lois!! I heard you were supposed to come -- I missed you! We could have taken them by storm! *tee hee*] Thanks to everyone for everything. I hope we cross paths again.

And with that, I bid everyone a hearty CHIMMICHANGA!*

(If you haven't yet attended a FumbleRumble, just wait. You'll write posts like these too. *wink*)

Lisa J. :)

*The spelling isn't in the dictionary. I looked. <grin>

P.S. Alex [my friend and chauffer-extraordinaire -- who isn't on the list] said to say hello. She had a great time as well. She'd write a message herself, but uh, she's sleeping. ;)


      Nothing on earth could come between them. 
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