Sarah McLachlan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Version 1.3
December 1995
Last Modified: 1996/9/17

Table Of Contents

1. Background Information on Sarah McLachlan
2. Catalogues and Lists of Sarah McLachlan's Work
3. Tour Information
4. For More Information...
5. Personal Information
6. Merchandise, etc.
7. Miscellany
8. Acknowledgements

1. Background Information on Sarah McLachlan

1.1 Who is Sarah McLachlan?

Sarah McLachlan is a singer/songwriter from Canada's East Coast. She has released three albums as well as numerous live recordings and singles. She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada which is where Nettwerk Productions, her record company, is located.

1.2 Where and when was Sarah born?

Sarah was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on January 28th, 1968.

1.3 When did Sarah start singing?

Sarah started singing at 4 years. The first musical instrument she learned to play was the ukelele (she was too small to play a full-sized guitar).

1.4 Did Sarah take music lessons?

Yes. Sarah took classical piano, guitar, and voice lessons.

1.5 Does Sarah have any art training?

Yes. She spent one year at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

1.6 Who does Sarah cite as musical influences?

Joan Baez, Peter Gabriel, Simon and Garfunkel, Kate Bush, Cat Stevens & Joni Mitchell.

1.7 When and how did she get signed to Nettwerk?

Sarah was seventeen when she was discovered by Nettwerk Productions at her first performance with her first band, October Game. She was offered a contract then and there, but her parents wouldn't let her sign and encouraged her to attend art school instead. Two years later Sarah was once again approached by Nettwerk and she signed with them on October 2nd, 1987.

1.8 When did Sarah sign to Arista?

She signed to Arista on December 1, 1988.

2 Catalogues And Lists Of Sarah McLachlan's Work

2.1 What albums has Sarah released?

Here is an abridged version of the Sarah discography based on the one started by Terry McBride and updated and maintained by Cathy Barrett. For the full collector's version, check at ftp.toltec.com in the /pub/music/Sarah_Mclachlan directory. [Ed: this site no longer exists] The discography is also available from Nettwerk:

E-Mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
http://www.aquezada.com/sarah/discog.html (Nettwerk-only releases)

Album name / Catalogue number / Description

Touch (the black cover version) / NTCD 45 (Nettwerk)
Similar to the regular Touch album except for a different version of Vox and Ben's Song as well as a different cover.

Touch (the regular version) / W2-30024 (Nettwerk)
The Canada-wide release of Sarah's first album.

Steaming CD Single / W2-3035 (Nettwerk)
The CD single of Steaming with a cover of Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill recorded live at the Town Pump in Vancouver.

Solace / W2-30055 (Nettwerk)
The standard release of Sarah's second album. NOTE: The U.S. release includes Wear Your Love Like Heaven which first appeared on Nettwerk's Donovan compilation, Island of Circles.

The Path of Thorns (Terms) CD Single / W2-3056 (Nettwerk)
The Canadian release of the first released track from Solace. Includes a violin mix of Shelter.

The Path of Thorns (Terms) / Promo-only ASCD-2423 (Arista)
The American demo release of The Path of Thorns. Only includes two versions of the song: a radio edit and the album version.

Into The Fire CD Single / W2-3063 (Nettwerk)
The Canadian release of the "Why is she all covered in mud?" song (as my mom put it after seeing the video). Includes two songs from a CBC session from 1991. NOTE: There is a copy of the entire program available on CD, but since the closure of the CBC commercial recording department in 1992 (budget cuts), it has only been available in used CD bins. Don't bug Nettwerk 'cause they don't own the rights to the recording. Good luck finding it.

Into the Fire Promo Only / ASCD-2402 (Arista)
The American demo release of Into the Fire. Contains three re-mixes of Into the Fire including the elusive John Fryer Mix.

Drawn to the Rhythm CD Single / W2-3065 (Nettwerk)
The last single from Solace. It also contains a haunting rendition of Gloomy Sunday. Hide the razor blades if you're hearing it for the first time :).

Vox CD Single / W2-3070 (Nettwerk)
The release date for this is a little weird. Although the song is from Touch, this disc came out after Solace was released. This is evident by the fact that Into the Fire is on it as well.

Live / W2-6313 (Nettwerk)
A limited-edition recording of Sarah live at Toronto's Harbourfront at the end of the Solace tour in 1990. NOTE: Although it's a limited-edition, it's not really very limited. You can find copies all over the place in Canada.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy / W2-30081 (Nettwerk)
The Canadian general release of Sarah's third album.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Japanese release) / BVCA638 (Arista)
The Japanese release which includes the Joni Mitchell song Blue. The release of this album in Japan was about four or five moons before the Good Enough CD Single with Blue.

Possession CD Single / W2-6319 (Nettwerk)
The first Canadian CD single release from FTE. This single was released in Canada before the album. Contains a REALLY hard re-mix of Possession and a version of Fear.

Hold On CD Single / W2-3078 (Nettwerk)
The second release from FTE. Contains a re-mix of Hold On and an acoustic demo of Mary (which is also available on the Freedom Sessions).

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Promo Only / NTPRO-02 (Nettwerk)
A not available anywhere edited radio version of FTE and a song from Delerium, "Incantation". NOTE: The only place you will find this is in a used CD bin or by raiding a radio station.

Good Enough CD Single / W2-3081 (Nettwerk)
The third release from FTE. Contains three versions of Good Enough and Sarah's version of Joni Mitchell's Blue.

Good Enough CD Single / 07822-12731-2 (Arista)
Pretty similar to the Canadian release. One major difference is the fact that the radio edit has been changed from "...after all the bullshit..." to "...after all the bull......". Kinda funny to hear actually.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Live) Promo Only / ASCD-2723 (Arista)
A special in-store play sampler that is very rare. Contains four songs from the April 94 Pay Per View special shown in Canada: Good Enough, a cool, bluesy version of Elsewhere, an orgasmic version of Ice Cream (if you have seen the FTE tour, you know what I mean :), and Mary. It also contains the album versions of Possession, Vox and The Path of Thorns (Terms).

The Freedom Sessions / W2-6321 (Nettwerk)
A nine track release based mainly on the source tapes made during the recording of FTE and the April 94 PPV special. Includes a Sarah version of Ol' 55 by Tom Waits. NOTE: Also includes a multimedia interactive presentation of pictures and sound clips of Sarah during the FTE tour, her trip to Thailand and Cambodia, and video clips and sound samples from FTE, Solace and Touch.

Rarities, B-Sides And Other Stuff / W2-30105 (Nettwerk)
A 13 track release which compiles Sarah's harder to find tracks from deleted singles, soundtracks, and promo only releases. Includes dance mixes of "Fear" and "Possession", live tracks, and Sarah's guest vocalist appearance on Manufacture's "As The End Draws Near". Please note that this CD also includes a multimedia track which is not listed or ID's on the CD. The multimedia presentation includes the full length video of "I Will Remember You", a complete discography, and information about Sarah's fan club, murmurs.

2.2 What other recordings has Sarah been involved with or appeared on?

Here is a brief list of recordings Sarah has worked on or had songs on. This includes movie soundtracks, other bands' projects, and compilations.

Album name / Reference number / Description

Nettwerk Sound Sampler II / NTCD-30035 (Nettwerk) 1988
The album version of Out of the Shadows.

Manufacture / Terrorvision / (Nettwerk) 1988
Sarah sings backup on As the End Draws Near.

Nettwerk Sound Sampler III / W2-30048 (Nettwerk) 1990
What Lies Beyond is the second track on this release. NOTE: This recording is not available on any other release.

Moev / Head Down / (Nettwerk) 1990
Sang back vocals on several songs.

Balloon / Gravity / (RCA) 1992
Sarah worked as backup on Tightrope Walker while recording Solace in New Orleans.

Island of Circles (Donovan tribute album) / (Nettwerk) 1992
Sarah's version of Wear Your Love Like Heaven plus the "lite and fluffy" vocals on Barabajagal.

No Alternative / (Arista) 1993
Early mix of Hold On. Accompanying video also available.

Blue Rodeo / Five Days in July (WEA) 1993
Sarah sang backups on 4 tracks and plays piano* on two of them. Track listing: What Is This Love/ Dark Angel*/ Know Where You Go/ Tell Me Your Dream*.

Upfront! (Canadians live from Mountain Stage) / (BMG) 1994
Live version of Shelter from Mountain Stage, a weekly, two hour live performance radio program.

Kumbaya / (Sony) 1994
Includes piano version of Good Enough, which can be found on the single from Nettwerk.

Stephen Fearing / The Assassin's Apprentice (Sony) 1994
Track listing: Expectations

Miracle on 34th Street soundtrack / (Fox) 1994
Sarah covers Gordon Lightfoot's Song for a Winter's Night. Unfortunately the song was not used in the movie.

Boys On The Side soundtrack / 1995
Sarah covers Tom Waits' Ol' 55. This version is available on the Freedom Sessions.

Lit From Within / (Nettwerk) 1995
Good Enough appears on this benefit CD for rape crisis centers in Canada.

In Between Dances / (Attic) 1995
Good Enough appears on this benefit CD for breast cancer research centers.

The Brothers McMullen / (UnForScene/Nettwerk) 1995
I Will Remember You appears on this soundtrack.

A Testimonial Dinner / (Thirsty Ear) 1995
Sarah's version of Dear God appears on this XTC tribute album.

Wild Strawberries / Heroine (Nettwerk) 1995
Sarah plays electric and acoustic guitar on two songs. Track listing: I Don't Want To Think About It/ Careful As well, most of Sarah's band from the FTE tour play on the album.

Decadence Box Set / (Nettwerk) 1995
Full Of Grace appears on this set as well as the following tracks: Vox (extended remix) / Path Of Thorns (Terms) / Hold On (Chris Shaw remix). There is also a lot of multimedia stuff on this disc set featuring rare interview footage and photos.

Junkhouse / Birthday Boy (Sony) 1995
Sarah sings backup vocals on the song Burned Out Car.

Bed Of Roses / (BMG) 1996
Ice Cream appears on the soundtrack to the movie. It is the same version that appears on Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

Ginger / Far Out (Nettwerk USA 1995)
Sarah lends her backup vocals to the song Solid Ground on the U.S. version of the album.

2.3 When will her next album be released?

If all goes according to plan, Sarah's next album will be released late in 1996.

2.4 What videos has Sarah made?

This videography was compiled and composed by Julie Soebekti ([email protected]). Everything was and is subject to her interpretation. She has tried to be as unbiased and unopinionated as possible, but hey, that's tough to do sometimes.

Ben's song
Directed by: Sarah McLachlan, David Kershaw, John Hautman
Year released: 1989
Black and white.
Description: In this video Sarah is playing the piano in a large, white room (then again the video is in black and white so the room can actually be a light pink. I'm not quite sure.) and Dave Kershaw is playing a bass.

Vox (Canadian Version)
Directed by: Mark Jowett and Dermot Shane
Year released: 1988
Colour. Description: Unlike her other videos in a few ways, perhaps stylistically the most, this light-hearted video has Sarah (with short hair) singing "Vox" while falling water and flowers are superimposed over her. CUT TO: Sarah on top of a rock and at the end she throws flowers into the water.

Vox (American Version)
Directed by: Michelle Mahrer
Year released: 1989
Black and white.
Description: Imagine, Sarah singing and playing guitar in a long black dress in the middle of the desert. It's hot, she cools off by getting wet.

Directed by: David Hauka
Year released: 1989
Description: A torch singer in a cabaret night club, Sarah sings while the club's patrons get to know each other. Enter the femme fatale and some of the female patrons begin to get jealous. Like the song title says, things start steaming. Dave Kershaw as the bartender.

Path Of Thorns (Terms)
Directed by: Philip Cates
Year released: 1991
Description: Two dancers, a man and a woman, perform a tormented pas-de-deux, intercut with Sarah singing naked in the shadows. Simple and stark, the video's blue tone accentuates the song's mood. When this video was first aired it generated quite a bit of controversy, but I have to agree with Sarah in saying that her nude appearance in the video is "a very quiet and honest way to be."

Into The Fire
Directed by: Philip Cates
Year Released: 1991
Description: Running along the theme of birth and rebirth, Sarah sings naked in the mud (UBC mud, might I add). In the video Sarah also runs through the forest in a flowery, summer dress, and gets washed up in a waterfall. Blue and orange tones. In a MuchMusic interview Sarah mentions that shooting this video was not that great for her skin, as it would appear to be. The mud was taken from the roadside at the University of British Columbia and was filled with gravel and rocks. On the more positive side, this video was nominated for a Juno. There's two versions of this video (I'm guessing American and Canadian versions). The pix are the same but the accompanying soundtracks differ. One is the album version (Canadian) and the other, the John Fryer mix (American version).

Drawn To The Rhythm
Directed by: Sarah McLachlan
Year released: 1992
Black and White.
Description: A group of children go to the beach to play, sing and party by a big bonfire. One boy goes off on his own and encounters a darker side of the idyllic ocean. Great cinematography and the images are fantastic.

Possession (Canadian Version)
Directed by: Sarah McLachlan
Year released: 1993
Description: Female archetypes. Sarah hangs on to a limp man, Sarah wrapped in gauze, swings on a pendulum. The video is full of biblical and mythical imagery. Once again wonderful cinematography. Makes you wonder why Sarah doesn't direct more of her own videos. Some of Sarah's friends are in the video. Look out for Ash Sood as Adam and Brian Minato as well. The limp guy that she's holding onto is actually Tony Pantages, the director of "Hold On". This video also won two Canadian Music Video awards (Best Female and Best Adult Contemporary).

Possession (American Version)
Directed by: Julie Hermelin
Year released: 1994
Description: Sarah and the band are playing in a beautiful theatre. The premise of the video is that we are actually watching a scratched up film of the performance, perhaps emphasizing the voyeur/idolatry angle of the song.

Hold On (Canadian Version)
Directed by: Tony Pantages
Year released: 1994
Description: Looks quite a bit like REM's "Losing my Religion" in lighting and design. In the video, different people perform various acts of frustration: a man is blindfolded and trying to pry his gloved hands apart, a young cherubic, Pan-type boy comes and soothes his pain; a woman furiously paces back and forth. Meanwhile two people perform a sensual ballet on a single trapeze. Shot in Montreal, P.Q.

Good Enough
Directed by: Kharen Hill
Year released: 1994
Black and White (colour tinted).
Description: A young girl escapes her abusive home life with the help of a girlfriend. Her mother also finds some refuge and peace. Features Sarah and the band in black and white clips. Shot in Maple Ridge, B.C.

Hold On (American Version)
Directed by: Tony Pantages
Year released: 1995
Description: Rehashing of the Canadian version of the video. The cuts are faster and the whole video has a greater sense of tortured urgency. There are more shots of the trapeze artists and Sarah can actually be seen standing with the trapeze artists behind her.

Commercial Video Releases

Immortal Canvas (Nettwerk W5-005) Year released: 1991
Description: A Nettwerk video compilation, this videocassette includes the "Path of Thorns(Terms)" and "Ben's Song" videos.

No Alternative (Polygram Video 800630461-3) Year released: 1994
Description: This video is a companion to the "No Alternative" CD. The Sarah portion of the tape is a short film (directed by: Nick Gomez) using the "No Alternative" version of "Hold On." The short film has a Halloween theme. Sarah does not appear in the video.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy: Live (Nettwerk W5-006) Year released: 1994
Description: Filmed in Montreal at Le Theatre Olympia during the FTE tour and intercut with an interview session held at Pierre Marchand's Studio Nomade (Wild Sky Studios), in April, 1994. This video was first aired on T.V. as a pay-per-view special. Some of the songs seen in the Wild Sky session are featured in "The Freedom Sessions" as well as the Arista "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Live)" Arista Promo (see discography). Songs included are: "Ice Cream", "Plenty", "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy", "I Will Not Forget You", "Ol' 55", and a rollicking gospel rendition of "Mary".

Video Collection: 1989-1994 (Nettwerk W5-007) Year released: 1995
Colour and B&W.
Description: A compilation of all of Sarah's videos (Canadian and U.S. versions)
Track Listing:
1. Vox (Cdn. Version)
2. Steaming
3. Ben's Song
4. Vox (U.S. Version)
5. Path Of Thorns (Terms)
6. Into The Fire
7. Drawn to The Rhythm
8. Possession (Cdn. version)
9. Hold On
10. Good Enough
11. Possession (U.S. Version)
(The U.S. Version of Hold On appears as an untitled, hidden video at the end.)

2.5 Which videos did Sarah direct?

Sarah directed Drawn To The Rhythm, the Canadian version of Possession, and she co-directed Ben's Song.

2.6 Is there a listing of Sarah's T.V. appearances?

Yes. There is a listing (not complete!) of all the TV appearances Sarah has made over the years. You can request a copy from Nettwerk or download it from ftp.toltec.com in the /pub/music/Sarah_Mclachlan directory [Ed.: This site no longer exists].

2.7 Is there a Sarah bibliography?

Yes, but it's too long to print here. If you'd like a copy, contact Nettwerk or download it from ftp.toltec.com in the /pub/music/Sarah_Mclachlan directory.

3 Tour Information

3.1 Does Sarah Tour?

Yes, but she won't be touring again until summer '97 if all goes according to plan.

4 For More Information...

4.1 Where can I write to Sarah?

Letters to Sarah can be sent c/o Nettwerk Productions. The address is:

Nettwerk Productions
Box 330 - 1755 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6G 3B7
Phone: (604) 654-2929
Fax: (604) 654-1993

4.2 Does Sarah have an e-mail address?

No, she doesn't have a personal address, but you can send e-mail via Nettwerk at: [email protected]

4.3 Where can I find stuff (photos, lyrics, sound samples, etc.) which I can download?

You can find stuff about Sarah at the Nettwerk WWW home page. Its URL is: http://www.nettwerk.com/SarMc.html. You can also find stuff at ftp.toltec.com in the /pub/music/Sarah_Mclachlan directory [Ed.: This site no longer exists]and on various fan web pages.

4.4 Does Sarah have a fan club?

Yes. It's called Murmurs. Membership is $20 U.S./ $25 CDN./ $30 outside N. America. The fan club offers 3 newsletters per year, a full colour glossy magazine, and items not available anywhere else. Contact Nettwerk by mail, phone, or e-mail to apply or to get more information.

4.5 Which Usenet group discusses Sarah?

alt.music.s-mclachlan is the best Usenet group to read for current Sarah postings and information. Others which often contain postings on Sarah are alt.music.alternative.female, alt.music.enya, alt.music.ecto, rec.music.gaffa, and alt.music.canada.

4.6 Is there a Sarah mailing list?

Yes. The mailing list is called fumbling-towards-ecstasy. To subscribe send mail to [email protected] with the body of SUB fumbling-towards-ecstasy.

4.6.1 Does the FTE list have a FAQ?

Yes. You will be sent the FAQ when you join the list.

5 Personal Information

5.1 Is Sarah married?

Nope, but she is involved with someone of the opposite sex.

5.2 Is Sarah a vegetarian?

Not really!

5.3 Does Sarah have any pets?

Yes, she has a dog.

6 Merchandise, Etc.

6.1 Are Sarah's songs available as sheet music?

Yes. The Sarah McLachlan Songbook is a 168 page book with the piano music and guitar tablatures for the following songs: Ben's Song/Vox/Drawn to the Rhythm/The Path of Thorns/I Will not Forget You/ Lost/ Possession (piano vers.)/Wait/Good Enough/Circle/Elsewhere/Mary/Hold On/Ice/Ice Cream/Fear/Plenty/Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. Also includes colour photos, drawings and lyrics. It is published in North America by the Hal Leonard Company and is available in music stores or from Nettwerk directly.

6.2 Where can I buy Sarah merchandise and/or receive a mail order catalogue?

Contact Nettwerk productions by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail [email protected] to request one, or visit their WWW page at http://www.nettwerk.com to peruse it at your leisure.

7 Miscellany

7.1 Who was in Sarah's touring band for the Fumbling... tour?

The band members were David Kershaw (piano, organ, vocals), Ashwin Sood (drums, vocals), David Sinclair (guitar), Luke Doucet (guitar, lapsteel), Brian Minato (bass), and Camille Henderson (vocals).

7.2 Who was in Sarah's touring band for the Solace tour?

The band members were David Kershaw (piano, organ, vocals), Ashwin Sood (drums, vocals), Brian Minato (bass), Steven Nikleva (guitar), and Kimberly Linekin (vocals).

7.3 Who was in Sarah's touring band for the Touch tour?

The band members were Steven Nikleva (guitar), Sherry Leigh (drums), Jeff Sawatsky (bass), and Darren Phillips (keyboards).

7.4 When did Sarah go to Thailand and Cambodia and why?

Sarah was invited to go there in Sept. 92 with World Vision and Terry David Mulligan of MuchMusic to make a documentary focusing on poverty, hunger and child prostitution in that region. The documentary was broadcast in Canada during a fund-raising campaign.

7.5 When did Sarah sing at the Vatican's Christmas concert?

Sarah sang "O Little Town of Bethlehem" at the Vatican's Christmas Concert on December 14, 1994. Yes, she did meet the Pope at a gala dinner the night before the concert.

7.6 What songs by other songwriters has Sarah recorded?

So far Sarah has recorded Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, Blue by Joni Mitchell, Gloomy Sunday by S. Lewis/R. Seress, Song for a Winter's Night by Gordon Lightfoot, Ol' 55 by Tom Waits, Dear God by XTC, and Wear Your Love Like Heaven by Donovan. She has played many others live, too.

7.7 Where can I get help if I have a problem with the Freedom Sessions or the B-Sides and Rarities enhanced CDs?

Contact Nettmedia by e-mail ([email protected]) for the Enhanced CD.FAQ. It answers all the questions they've had so far from people who've had any problems running the CD-ROM tracks on their computers. You can also find the FAQ on Nettmedia's web pages: www.nettmedia.com

7.8 Where can I find a transcript of the online chat that Sarah participated in on the Nettwerk BBS on February 20, 1994?

You can download a copy of the transcript from the Nettwerk BBS 604-731-7007, from Nettwerk's section on CompuServe's Recording Industry Forum, or from ftp.toltec.com in the /pub/music/Sarah_Mclachlan directory.

7.9 Where can I find a transcript of the online chat that Sarah participated in on the Sprint Web site on May 28, 1996?

You can find a copy on Sprint's web site: http://www.sprint.com/cool/diner/archived/sarah/ and if you can't find it there, check Nettwerk's pages.

8. Acknowledgements

8.1 Who wrote this?

The original FAQ was written by Dwayne "Duey" Bursey and Cathy Barrett at the Nettwerk offices in January and February '95. This current version was updated September '96 by Cathy Barrett. See section 8.2 for more details.

A special thanks to Terry McBride, Crystal Heald, Julie Soebekti and Melody Teodoro for all the information and confirmations they've provided.

Please e-mail any corrections, additions, or suggestions to the addresses below:

Cathy Barrett ([email protected]) Duey Bursey ([email protected])

8.2 What is the version history of this FAQ? (Yea, it's not a really a Sarah question, but where else is it going to go?)

Version 1.0 Initial construction of the document during a wet afternoon at Nettwerk.
Version 1.1 Added Julie Soebekti's Videography to section 2.4. Updated section 3.1 (tour schedule).
Version 1.2 Added info. to section 2.1 (discography) and 2.4 (videography). Updated section 3.1 (tour schedule) and 7.7. Updated Nettwerk's e-mail address and WWW URL.
Version 1.3 Added info. to section 2.1 (discography). Updated sections 3.1 (tour schedule), 4.3, 5.3 and 7.7. Deleted section 4.7.

This document is Copyright © 1996 by Cathy Barrett / Nettwerk Productions & Dwayne Bursey.
It may be freely distributed as long as no fee is charged and providing the authors' names and this notice remains intact.

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