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The following Fumblers should recieve a standing ovation for their 
plethora of generosity:

Holly Foltz	hollyfoltz@hotmail.com
Julie Whitehurst	bjoseph@voicenet.com
Sarah Bolen	sbolen@mindspring.com
Nitin Anand	Shadowlion@aol.com
DK Blanar	dk_blanar@tamcomm.com
Jennifer Davidow	jennifer@fumbling.com
Mel Boysen	mel@pyrotechnics.com
Tass Chapman	tass@easynet.on.ca
Jennifer Prybutok	Jenn529@aol.com
Megan Koster	darkeyes@darkwing.uoregon.edu
Johan Braennlund	m94jbr@student.tdb.uu.se
Amy Lotsberg	lotsler@aol.com
Andrea	andyc@istar.ca
Angela Bird	purple_aura@hotmail.com
Becky Mikulin	c718984@showme.missouri.edu
Brian Wilson	bloo@blooberry.com
Chris Bryant	bryantc@erols.com
Christine	besoin@primary.net
Dennis Moore	dennis_moore@bc.sympatico.ca
Doug McPhile	McPhile@aol.com
Edward Thai	corblimy@creative.net
Emily Best	Xfilegrrl@aol.com
Emily Mills	BaThAcKeR@aol.com
Grace Dessert	sweet83103@aol.com
Grace Wong	grwong@oanet.com
Greg Gladman	greg@gladman.com
Heather Rhoades	fjrhoa@postoffice.ptd.net
Holly Roberts	t57her@morgan.ucs.mun.ca
James Mercer	JMercer97@aol.com
Jason Christian	JMChristn@aol.com
Jen Havener	painfulconvictions@juno.com
Jennifer Andrews	Voxfyre@aol.com
Jessica	00jnweiser@bsuvc.bsu.edu
Jessica Thaler	jethaler@hooked.net
Joel Hollingsworth	jkholl@cs.wm.edu
John Stewart	nwprotective@seanet.com
Jonathan Buel	nois@worldnet.att.net
Jonathan Stooner	stooner@geocities.com
Josh Burnett	burnettj@scils.rutgers.edu
Kathryn Easter	rabbit@pathcom.com
Leanne Grant	umgrantl@cc.UManitoba.ca
Lina Correia	stephlina.babes@sympatico.ca
Lindsay McLaren	novocast@hotmail.com
Lisa Rabey	lisa@simunye.com
Malanai Morris	swwerth@goo.pcanything.com
Mark Frabotta	markfrab@microsoft.com
Michael Augello	bn675@Freenet.buffalo.edu
Michelle Tatlock	tursiopslover@juno.com
Mike Jackson	mjackson@mail.coin.missouri.edu
Mona S	        Sissie515@aol.com
Sandy Clyde	SandyClyde@aol.com
Shannon Gallagher	Hvnsnt20@worldnet.att.net
Steph	jannetts@idcomm.com
Susan Backes White	SEBW@aol.com
Taleisha Smith	taleisha@mailexcite.com
Troy Anderson	fteinsea@nwlink.com

I know that I am applauding each and every one of you on that list.



Original Project Message

Mail-For: <fte@aquezada.com>
From:	"Chris Bryant" <bryantc@erols.com>
To:	fte@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au
Date:	Sat, 3 Jan 1998 18:22:21 -0500
Subject: Fumbler B-day Project 98
Reply-to: bryantc@erols.com
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Well, now that the new year is here and a whole lot of the list is 
turning towards the negative aspect of life here I will try and steer 
us back in the right direction.

Over the past few years there has been a List Card project for Sarah 
on her birthday.  I found myself regretting not participating each 
time.  This year I propose that we do something a bit different.

Some of you may have read the posts that I have made in regards to 
the Habitat for Humanity Extraordinary Gifts Program.  I find this is 
the most rewarding gift to give someone that you do not know on a 
very personal level.  The list card has been done and I don't think 
the sentiments of the years gone by can be taken up a notch so I 
suggest that we go this way instead.

So far I have heard from a few people saying that they would be 
happy to participate however no where near the amount of people that 
I think should be able to help out.  So in the next few weeks I would 
like to take things to the next level and proceed with this project 
as hopefully the 'official' list project.

What I would like to do is start by asking those of you who would 
wish to participate to start by taking the time to send a private 
mail to me with a few of the following details:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone Number (Day/Evening)
4. Pledged Amount

Once I receive the email your name will be added to the list of those 
whose names would go on the card and I will then send you added 
details as to where to send your check and details on how to get in 
touch with me.

I would like to have a two week pledge period before anyone starts 
sending money so that we will have an idea of the size of the 
donation that we will be making to this wonderful cause.

For those of you who are worried, there is no such thing as a 
donation that is too small.  I know there are many of us here that 
cannot afford more than $5 or $10 for something like this, but those 
donations add up.  So please, dig deep and come up with a few dollars 
to support this cause and help send Sarah a gift that I am sure she 
will never forget.

Christopher N. D. Bryant                             bryantc@erols.com
"You look good wearing my future."...-Eric Stolz!
 "...can you look out the window without your shadow getting in the way"
                                            -Sarah McLachlan
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